Copperstone Connect Inc.

IT staffing agency

Inside track

Copperstone has cultivated a niche within a niche. Within the IT space, it exclusively recruits hard-to-find talent for data-related jobs, such as in business intelligence and data warehousing. The firm has resisted the temptation to dilute its focus by expanding into other IT subniches, even ones as hot as web and mobile apps.

Company Profile

Chief Executive(s): Paul Herron, David Stanford & Robert Snoyer Head Office: Mississauga, Ont. Website:

Company Financials

Growth 2009-11 (%): 340 Revenue 2011: 2,226,229 CAD Revenue 2009: 506,470 CAD
Profit Margin 2011: Loss Employees 2011: 35 Employees 2009: 6
Exports as % of Sales: 15