W100: Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs

Tonia Jahshan

The Secret of Steeped Tea’s Phenomenal Growth

Vision and grit helped founder Tonia Jahshan build an Earl Grey empire and earn the title of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur for 2016

Leigh Himel

The Huge Payoff of Thinking Ahead

When a major client pulled back its budgets, 2016 W100 winner Leigh Himel took a big riskā€”and accelerated her company’s growth

Diana De Melo

What it Really Means to Quit Your Job to Start a Company

Why W100 winner Diana De Melo chose entrepreneurship, and how she balances it with a busy home life

Lulu Cohen-Farnell

The Smart Way to Run a Business With Your Spouse

W100 winner Lulu Cohen-Farnell knew it was a risk when her husband joined her company. Here’s how she protects both her marital and business partnerships

Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski

How to Take Your Business to the Big Time

W100 winner Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski of Rock-It Promotions explains how she turned her a scrappy startup into a serious player

Laura Williams

Why You Need to Tackle Tough Decisions—Now

W100 winner Laura Williams has learned that running a company means making some tough calls. And her business is all the better for it

Mandy Rennehan

Master the Art of Hiring Right

W100 winner Mandy Rennehan of Freshco needs a workforce that is both personable and technically adept. Here’s what she does to get it

Anna Eliopoulos

Why You Should Sell to the EA And Not the CEO

W100 winner Anna Eliopoulos understands that assistants—not bosses—often make or influence key purchasing decisions. How her hospitality business caters to them

Stephanie Ciccarelli

How to Reach Clients’ Ears in the U.S. Market

W100 winner Stephanie Ciccarelli does a lot of her business south of the border. Why she’s succeeding in the land of opportunity

Genevieve Dutil

The Simple Way to Sell Complex Stuff

W100 winner Genevieve Dutil of LxSim shares how she equips her team to explain—and sell—her company’s high-tech wares


W100 Rising Stars: 5 Women to Watch

Meet the next generation of elite female entrepreneurs running booming startups


The Unvarnished Truth About Work-Life Balance

The women on the 2016 W100 ranking of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs share some awesome advice on “having it all”

What it Takes to Develop Really Amazing Products

Four leaders from the 2016 W100 ranking of Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs give an inside look at how they innovate


The PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 ranking and awards program is Canada's largest celebration of entrepreneurial achievement by women. The PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 ranks female entrepreneurs by a composite score that considers the size, growth rate and profitability of the companies they own and manage.

Please note: The W100 is on hiatus for 2017. We encourage all prospective candidates to consider entering their businesses in the 2017 PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies and its companion STARTUP 50 ranking of Canada's Top New Growth Companies.

2016 winners were honoured in Canadian Business magazine and at PROFITguide.com.

"The recognition I have received via the W100 has been overwhelming, both personally and professionally. The W100 ranking has helped to raise the profile of my company and broadened my network of business leaders, which has helped position the company for future growth opportunities."

Ellen Kral
Kenilworth Publishing & Media Inc.

For information on the W100 ranking, please contact W100@PROFIT.rogers.com