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Julie Cole / Julie Ellis / Cynthia Esp / Tricia Mumby

VP Public Relations & Customer Service / VP Finance / VP Production / VP Sales & Marketing
Makes personalized labels for children's possessions

Company Profile

Company: Mabel's Labels Inc. Head Office: Hamilton Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 106 Revenue: 5-10M Employees: 47
Revenue from Exports (%): 40    


Stars sell: What’s the secret to cracking the vast but daunting U.S. consumer market? Getting your goods in the hands of influencers who matter. An aggressive publicity strategy—including product placement, contest sponsorship and hiring a full-time PR rep in California—has landed Mabel’s Labels products on high-profile U.S. programs such as “The View” and “The Today Show.” As well, paparazzi magnets such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon have sported the company’s labels on their gear.