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Janet Stimpson


Company Profile

Company: White House Design Company Inc. Head Office: Burnaby, B.C. Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 178 2013 Revenue: $10M-$19.9M Employees: 111
Revenue from Exports (%): 53    


What her company does: Designs and manufactures Sympli, a wholesale women’s clothing label ||

Stimpson’s business almost failed once. Having just made a significant investment to launch the Sympli line, White House Design was hit with the ecoWhat her company does:mic collapse that followed the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Soon, the bank posted a foreclosure notice. After the shock passed, the 40-year fashion industry veteran met with her staff to discuss the sacrifices they would need to make. White House employees took a pay cut for several months to keep the business viable, and before long, the company was able to repay its debts. The painful experience made the company drastically more efficient, with a new obsessive attention to budgeting and cash flow. It was a great lesson, Stimpson says: “Even today, with the business so successful, we never forget it.”