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Lourdes Gant

Vice-president & CFO

Company Profile

Company: Manatee Holdings Ltd. Head Office: Courtenay, B.C. Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 603 2013 Revenue: $1M-$1.9M Employees: 7
Revenue from Exports (%): 100    


What her company does: Harvests and sells gourmet fish and other seafood ||

The aquaculture sector tends to get a bad rap for its poor environmental record, and Gant is on a mission to change it. Manatee Holdings has adopted several progressive policies, including efforts to replenish ocean stock in areas depleted by fisheries and to develop strong working partnerships with First Nations bands in regions in which the firm operates. Moreover, she uses an aggressive PR strategy to communicate these efforts to the public, which has improved the company’s reputation. “People who were against us are What her company does:w claiming publicly that the rest of the aquaculture industry should be behaving the way we do in order to safeguard and benefit the ocean’s ecology,” Gant explains.