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Grail Noble

Founder & CEO

Company Profile

Company: YellowHouse Events Inc. Head Office: Toronto Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 272 2013 Revenue: $10M-$19.9M Employees: 23
Revenue from Exports (%): 40    


What her company does: Delivers event marketing and creative services ||

When BlackBerry—which, at the time, represented 65% of YellowHouse’s business—opted not to renew in 2012, it wasn’t disastrous. That’s because Noble had been preparing for the possibility. When the troubled tech titan’s marketing spending started to shrink, she started hunting for replacement clients and saving the firm’s profits to create a cushion. When BlackBerry left, she used the reserves to invest in staff development (allowing her to avoid layoffs) and double down on prospecting, which helped YellowHouse land Google as a client. “It took careful planning, but by looking far into the future, we avoided the pitfalls,” says Noble.