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Andrea Shaw

Founder & Managing partner

Company Profile

Company: TwentyTen Corp. Head Office: Vancouver Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 193 2013 Revenue: $2M-$4.9M Employees: 22
Revenue from Exports (%): 6    


What her company does: Offers marketing and sponsorship services ||

Just a few months after Shaw launched her firm, she was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. “Fear engulfed every cell in my body,” Shaw recalls. “But I made a clear decision to not allow it to impact my family or staff.” Shutting the business was not an option, nor was keeping things quiet: “I needed my support system to have positive thoughts about my outcome.” Her optimism was contagious, and her staff kept things going in those early days. And so did Shaw; she recently marked three years of being cancer-free.