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Elen Steinberg

President & CEO

Company Profile

Company: SPP Marketing Services Inc. & Real Style Network Inc. Head Office: Toronto Website: &

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 38 2013 Revenue: $5M-$9.9M Employees: 117
Revenue from Exports (%): 0    


What her company does: Provides diverse marketing services ||

Eight years after its launch in 1987, Steinberg’s marketing firm developed a new sales and marketing concept (kiosks promoting travel-focused credit cards) that soon became standard in airports across North America. That changed in 1997, when the privatization of Canadian airports saw all of the firm’s kiosks removed. Almost overnight, SPP lost 90% of its revenues. Steinberg took a year off to regroup, then approached the airports with new contracts. Today, SPP has won back all of the business it lost—and much more.