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Marija Pavkovic Tovissi


Company Profile

Company: MaKami College Inc. & MVP & Associates Ltd. Head Office: Calgary Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 396 2013 Revenue: $2M-$4.9M Employees: 80
Revenue from Exports (%): 0    


What her company does: Runs a private vocational college focused on massage therapy ||

“You cannot be a business owner and not be great at multi-tasking,” asserts Pavkovic Tovissi, who learned this after getting married, having a baby, selling her home and expanding her business—all in the same year. “My lawyer once asked why I was e-mailing him at three in the morning. He asked if I was just coming home from a bar,” she recalls. “I told him the only drinks I was shaking were milk bottles for my baby while juggling my keyboard.”