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Beth Gardner

President & CEO

Company Profile

Company: Custom Travel Solutions Inc. Head Office: Calgary Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 40 2013 Revenue: $2M-$4.9M Employees: 77
Revenue from Exports (%): 12    


What her company does: Provides travel management services ||

Like so many Calgary firms, Gardner’s business was badly injured by the 2013 Alberta floods. But unlike many, she was prepared for it. Gardner and her team had developed a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in advance. When the flood hit, they put it into effect. That meant moving all technology, including its servers, to a secure location outside the danger zone. And it meant enacting a work-from-home policy that equipped all 70-plus employees to do their jobs remotely. As a result, the business was operating as normal within 24 hours of the flood.