PROFIT/Chatelaine W100


Amber Grove-Ruggi, Megan Grove & Jaimee Grove

President (Amber), Vice-president (Megan) & Secretary/Treasurer (Jaimee)

Company Profile

Company: Future Waste Systems (Niagara) Head Office: Thorold, Ont. Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 192 2015 Revenue: $2M-$5M Employees: 38
Revenue from Exports (%): Thorold, Ont.    


What their company does: Services the waste-management industry

What you can learn from them: Working in solid waste often means managing employees a generation older—many of whom are men used to working for other men. The trio’s strategy is ensuring lots of listening and respect­, plus killer staff celebrations. The company’s accountant even complained about the “lavish and elaborate parties.” Grove-Ruggi jokes, “I think he was looking for an invitation.” He got one.