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Cassandra Nordell


Company Profile

Company: William Standen Co. Head Office: Sarnia, Ont. Website:

Company Financials

3-year revenue growth (%): 189 2015 Revenue: $2M-$5M Employees: 16


What her company does: Designs and renovates interiors for homeowners

What you can learn from her: “I believed I was Wonder Woman,” Nordell says of her early years as an entrepreneur. Eight years of 80-hour weeks and jam-packed itineraries culminated in physical illness and, ultimately, some big changes. She appointed a COO to handle the details that were clogging her to-do list, arranged meetings only on one day a week and built time into her schedule for wellness activities. “It’s made me more efficient, happier, healthier and in a better frame of mind to lead staff and the business,” she reports.