Meet the Refugee Family Whose Business Trudeau Mentioned at the UN

The prime minister name-dropped Peace by Chocolate, an Antagonish firm started by the Hadhad family, in his speech

How Would Flexible Work Requirements Affect Your Business?

Computers in empty office

A government proposal to allow federally regulated employees to request changes in hours and arrangements won't hurt small firms, the Labour Minister insists

A New Way to Find Foreign Customers

global export

New Facebook tools will allow small businesses to target prospective buyers in other countries

A New Entry Point Into the Chinese Market

Alibab's business-to-consumer platform Tmall

E-commerce giant Alibaba is launching a "pavillion" for Canadian companies on its business-to-consumer Tmall retail platform

The Threat of a Canada Post Work Stoppage is Over—For Now

Photo: Sheila Boardman/CP

The mail carrier and its union reached a tentative agreement, but for a shorter term than in the past

This Cape Breton Store is Offering Land for Employee Loyalty

Now hiring

What would you give staff to make them stay? One Nova Scotia business is trying to attract talent with the promise of property

Is the Red Tape Reduction Act Necessary?

Photo: Chuck Savage/Getty

A bureaucrats' union wants the Liberal government to repeal the regulation-cutting law repealed, but small businesses aren't likely to agree

The Smart Way to Hop Onto a Viral Craze

Pokemon Go players stopping outside the Huge Cafe in downtown Atlanta, Ga., in search of digital monsters. Photo: Brinson McGowan/Huge via AP)

Business owners are capitalizing on the sudden, immense popularity of Pokémon Go by using the game to attract customers

Why It May Soon Be Easier to Do Business in Other Provinces

Canada invest resize

Canada's pronvincial governments appear poised to agree on a plan to open up internal trade

What Will and Won’t Be Delivered During a Canada Post Work Stoppage

Photo: Darren Calabrese/CP

The national mail carrier could halt services starting on Monday, but it will still drop off certain items

What Employers Should Know About Canada Day Pay Rules

Photo: iStock

Compensation rules for staff who are still on the clock on July 1 changed last year. Here's how that affects your business

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The remarkable story of how a technophilic car salesman from Salmon Arm, B.C., created a website, changed the way Canadians buy vehicles and built the No. 1 company on the 2016 PROFIT 500—Canada Drives

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