5 Ways to Get Canada’s Economy Growing Again

McKinsey head and federal economic advisor Dominic Barton has a prescription for long-term expansion, and it includes a nod to small businesses

Should Pharmacies Be Allowed to Dispense Pot?


Medical marijuana in Canada is sold through the mail by producers, but Loblaw and Shoppers boss Galen Weston wants to offer an alternative

The Economic Cost of Putting Off Small Business Tax Cuts

Parliamentary Budget Officer Jean-Denis Frechette talks with media in Ottawa in April 2016. Photo: Matthew Usherwood/CP

The government's decision to defer further reductions will boost revenue, but cost 1,240 jobs

The Minimum Wage in B.C. is Going Up

Photo: iStock

The provincial compensation floor—currently the country's lowest—is set to rise to $11.25 by 2017

When Corporate Do-Goodery Backfires

Photo: iStock

Restaurant chain Earls is facing an online backlash after dropping local Alberta beef for "hormone-free" U.S. cattle

Why Things Are Starting to Look Up for the Canadian Economy


Strong retail sales and underlying inflation suggest new signs of life

What’s Next for the ORPP?

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Ontario is planning an extensive education campaign targetted at employers to share the rules of the province's new retirement security scheme

Why Hiring in Newfoundland and Labrador Could Soon Get a Lot Harder

Photo: iStock

The province's bleak finances are prompting suggestions of an exodus of young workers

Would an Interest Rate Incentive Encourage You to Hire?

Now hiring

Some Ontario banks and credit unions are offering rebates to firms that hire disadvantaged workers

5 Questions About Offshore Entities Answered

The building containing the office of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca in Panama City. Millions of leaked documents from the firm suggest that politicians and businesses have connections with secret 'offshore' companies to escape tax scrutiny in their countries. Photo: Alejandro Bolivar/EPA/CP

Following the headline-grabbing release of the so-called Panama Papers, here's what you need to know about tax havens and many of the companies headquartered in them

Why Some B.C. Businesses Want a Tax Increase

Photo: Shutter_M/iStock

A group of the province's green companies are calling for the government to lift the freeze on its carbon levy

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The definitive 2015 list of organizations that have mastered the art of employee engagement

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