Call for Entries: Join the 2015 PROFIT 500!

The nominations for the 27th annual ranking of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies are now open. Enter now for your chance to make the top 500!

Sexual Violence: Is Your Company as Safe as You Think It Is?


The Jian Ghomeshi scandal has proven just how pervasive on-the-job harassment is in Canada. It's time for employers to wake up

Why The Dreaded “D” Word is Back


Economists are still talking about "decoupling," but all the doom and gloom amounts to little more than a headline-grabbing

Why Canadians Trust Business Leaders More than Politicians

(Photo: Jason Ransom/PMO via Getty Images)

A new survey finds that CEOs are more trusted than elected officials—but that shouldn't necessarily be cause to celebrate

Should You Impose Morality Clauses on Employees?

Former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi. (Photo: Natalie Behring/Getty Images)

The scandal surrounding former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi raises key questions about the value of policing staff behaviour

The Opportunity in Canada’s Urban Migration


More and more Canadians are opting to live downtown, and that's creating big business prospects

Is Canada Ready for Drones?


As more and more businesses consider the commercial applications of unmanned aircraft, safety issues and red tape are keeping them grounded

Yes, the U.S. Economy Really Has Recovered


American consumers have a renewed zest for spending, meaning the time is right for Canadian exporters to take advantage

Is Your Business Ready for an Ebola Outbreak?


As the deadly virus spreads, it's time to reevaluate your firm's pandemic preparedness plan

The Big Problem With the Small Business Tax Credit


EI reforms sound good on paper, writes Mike Moffatt, but in reality they make it oddly profitable to fire people

The Trouble with Europe Today


The EU is facing some serious economic challenges heading into fall, but there's reason to believe things will improve

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