6. iGATE Corporation

Consulting, information-technology and business process outsourcing services
FTE employees: 376
Chief executive: Phaneesh Murthy

iGATE has instituted a system to make sure every employee is in a rewarding and productive role. The firm first helps each worker understand their strengths and talents. Next, manager and staffer set immediate, medium- and long-term career goals. Once these are established, the company helps employees develop the skills needed to meet them through training. This enables iGATE to monitor and foster staffers’ work satisfaction, while helping to keep them on the career track by providing motivating reminders about their stated goals.

7. Cybertech Group of Companies (Cybertech Automation Inc. and i-Gen Solutions Inc.)

Engineering and industrial information-technology services
FTE employees: 87
Chief executive: Ken Martel

In an effort to retain staff as long as possible, Cybertech has loaded its benefits portfolio with incentives for people to stick around. Most of the firm’s employees are shareholders, creating motivation for them to do their best work—and to see it rewarded in the long term. The company also offers very generous (four-figure) service awards for veteran staff who reach 10-, 15- and 20-year milestones. As a result, Cybertech boasts an annual turnover rate of less than 1%.

8. OACIQ (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec)

Brossard, Que.
Real-estate regulation enforcement in Quebec
FTE employees: 159
Chief executive: Robert Nadeau

OACIQ takes pains to really listen to, and act upon, the requests of its employees. This has led to such measures as implementing a carpool program and lobbying to change local bus schedules to accommodate staffers. The philosophy has also yielded more fundamental shifts in the organization: for instance, in recent years, the management has placed a greater focus on employees’ desire for better work-life balance, offering schedule flexibility so long as customer service is not compromised.

9. ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.

Engineering consulting
FTE employees: 287
Chief executive: Rod Peacock
When an organization is in flux, it can be extremely challenging to keep staff engaged. ISL faced this during a recently completed five-year succession plan that saw a wholesale change of leadership. To ward off anxiety, the company made the process fully transparent, explaining exactly how, when and why the changes would take place. Moreover, it used the opportunity to create development programs for its youngest staff, who now have a clear sense of the opportunities a career at ISL can afford them, and the company has mechanisms to groom the talent within.

10. Intelex Technologies Inc.

Software for environment, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) programs
FTE employees: 190
Chief executive: Mark Jaine
Big decisions are a group exercise at Intelex. During strategic planning, every employee—from newbie to senior vet—gets face time with the CEO. This makes everyone feel connected, valued and engaged in the company’s future. To further shore up loyalty, Intelex has an office dedicated to helping its workers enroll in training and access resources to help them develop their careers. Other staff-pleasing perks include birthdays off, fitness allowances and a tuition assistance program for the children of employees.

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