The Huge Opportunity of Precision Agriculture

A new generation of technology companies are helping farmers lower their costs and boost yields. But it means changing long-standing habits

The Growing Business of Commercial Cannabis

Growing cannabis plants intended for the medical marijuana market at OrganiGram in Moncton, N.B. Photo: Ron Ward/CP

A recent Vancouver expo shows the breadth and growth of the Canadian marijuana industry

The Parents of the Touch-Screen Generation Need Your Help

Photo: iStock

Kids are blithely racking up huge bills online, making parental controls the biggest thing in apps since Angry Birds

The Huge Opportunity of Low-Carbon Cleantech

Photo: Shutter_M/iStock

Carbon-pricing schemes are an emerging standard, and “decarbonizing” the Canadian economy will be worth billions for sustainability innovators

The New Market for Gender-Neutral Clothing


Specialty brands are responding to demand for gender-fluid fashion—and finding the larger market wants it too

Canada’s Best Places for Business 2016: Top 25


We scoured the country to find the cities with the best balance of moderate costs, growing markets and business-friendly governments

Why Wireless Charging is Starting to Break Into the Mainstream

A Tesla Model 3 with an Elix Wireless E8K charger. Photo: Elix Wireless

As electric cars gain popularity, consumers and businesses alike are craving cord-free power

The Huge Opportunity of Millennial Home Buyers

Photo: iStock

Property sellers, builders and managers are set to cash in as members of Generation Y finally find the money for a mortgage down payment

Why Medical Marijuana is Such a Risky Business

Items from a foreclosed marijuana grow op ready for auction at a warehouse in Richmond, B.C. Photo: Jonathan Hayward/CP

The closing of a Richmond, B.C. producer and the auctioning of its equipment spotlights the high regulatory hurdles cannabis companies face

How to Help Care for an Aging Population

Photo: iStock

Overcommitted Canadians tasked with caring for elderly parents are growing in number—and they’re turning to their iPhones for help

Why Things Look Good for Wood

Photo: iStock

Growing demand for lumber from our southern neighbours will boost Canadian forestry firms suffering from China's slowdown

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