Why Methane Is the Hottest Thing in the Energy Industry Right Now

The gas is exponentially more potent than carbon dioxide. It's also easier to contain. That means big business for firms that mitigate it

Why You Should Cater to the Cruise Ship Crowd

The massive cruise ship Anthem of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean International, berthed in Halifax in September 2016. Photo: Andrew Vaughan/CP

Canadian port cities are anticipating an influx of boat-borne tourists this summer, and the economic boost could benefit local businesses

Will Consumers Get Over the Ick Factor of Eating Insects?

One Hop Kitchen's Eli Cadesky shows off his company's insect protein based pasta sauces and protein material. Photo: Frank Gunn/CP

A number of entrepreneurs are hoping to turn bug protein into a pantry staple. How they're convincing people to give it a try, one bit at a time

The Huge Opportunity of Canada’s Budding Marijuana Market

An employee trims medicinal marijuana plants at Canopy Growth-owned Tweed, in Smith Falls, Ontario. Photo: Lars Hagberg/CP

Last month's federal report recommends taking steps to foster variety and consumer choice in the nascent industry. But big consolidators are circling

The 3 Questions That Unlock Employee Innovation

Photo: iStock

Asking staff a few strategic things, and maybe buying a pizza or two, can unleash your company's next great idea

Why You Might Want to Follow the Snowbirds

Jeffrey Tremblay, CEO of SYNERGY HomeCare of Venice at his office in Venice, Fla.Photo: Chris O'Meara/AP Photo/CP

Some U.S. business owners are relocating to sunnier states to serve the growing retiree demographic, which includes plenty of Canadian boomers

Why Your Next Growth Market is Closer Than You Think

100 bill with map resize

There's no need to look across borders and oceans—a new agreement is set to open up interprovincial trade and help you sell to other parts of Canada

The Huge Opportunity of Precision Agriculture

Photo: iStock

A new generation of technology companies are helping farmers lower their costs and boost yields. But it means changing long-standing habits

A New Golden Age for Hollywood North

Black and white film slate in woman hand on blue background.The slate is placed on the left side of horizontal frame.The clapper is open

The Canadian movie and TV sector is booming, thanks to the low loonie, skilled crews and an explosion of new shows. Here’s who’s set to benefit

The Huge New Growth Market for Marijuana

Alan Gertner CEO of Tokyo Smoke at his business in March 2016. Photo: Nathan Denette/CP

Canadian pot producers could reap the rewards after voters in several U.S. states approved easing cannabis laws

Why Canada’s Tourism Sector is Set to Take Off

Photo: iStock

Hotels, airlines, tour operators and restaurants are set to reap the upside of a low loonie and low oil prices, as more and more travellers flock here on holiday

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