Welcome to the Summer of the Staycation

Many Canadians are opting to stay close to home this year, and it's not just because they love their backyards

Get to Know the New Global Middle Class


A pair of new books shows the rising tide of growth in the south is lifting some, but leaving many others treading water

One Way to Service Quebec (Without the Red Tape)

Cornwall, Ont.

Retailers are using Cornwall, Ont.'s bustling logistics hub as a lower tax, less onerous way to serve La belle province

Why SMEs Will Soon Have an Edge in Wireless


The feds plan to reserve most of the spectrum in next year's wireless auction for smaller players and new entrants

What Happens When the Internet of Things Meets the Body?

Illustration: Sean McCabe

The new digital world knows who people are—and what they want. And that creates all sorts of opportunities

What to Sell to the Newest Canadians


A look inside the purchasing patterns of the 5 largest groups of immigrants to Canada

The Big Business of “Connected Cars”

The dashboard of BMW's "connected car"

From transmitting data on how you drive to making your car an Internet hotspot, new vehicles are becoming truly intelligent

Why Putting Profits First Helps Corporate Social Responsibility


Businesses often find their social impact is greater when they concentrate on their strengths

Why Homegrown Tourists are a Lucrative Market


Forget foreign visitors; 15 million Canucks spend their tourist bucks to travel within Canada each year. Here's how to reach them

There’s Big Business in Big Marijuana

marijuana foliage

How Canadian entrepreneurs are taking advantage of loosening pot laws—and how technology will brighten their prospects

Call for Entries: Are You One of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs?


Join the 2014 PROFIT/Chatelaine W100!

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Formal business plans aren’t just for startups. In fact, a good one can make or break a successful exit

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