Good News: Consumers Want to Spend

A new study finds buyers are cautiously confident about their own finances—and about what lies ahead

6 Simple Ways to Serve Islamic Customers

young muslim woman in head scarf using laptop in cafe with friends

Muslims are increasingly affluent and globally minded. Here’s how to reach this US$1.8-trillion consumer market

How to Introduce a Proven Hit to a New Market

(Photo: CJ Sameer Wadhwa)

Meet Victor Cui, the man fighting to bring mixed martial arts to Asia—a market in which UFC is a brand of ketchup

It’s Your Last Chance to Enter the 2014 PROFIT 500!


Want to join Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies? You have until 11:59 EDT to declare your candidacy

Growth Market: Be the Anti-Bay Street

Rubsun Ho of Cognition LLP. (Photo: Jennifer Roberts)

Entrepreneurs with new business models and disdain for “the way it’s done” are transforming corporate law. And customers love it

What Proposed Crowdfunding Laws Mean for You

Money resize

Two sets of pending legislation will seriously affect how companies can solicit funds from the public. Here's what you need to know

5 Ways to Sell to the Lucrative Young Asian Market

Shopping bags small

Young consumers in China, India and beyond are increasingly affluent. Here's how to get a piece of the billions they're spending

Where to Find Katy Perry Fans

Photo: Robyka54 via Wikimedia Commons

A city-by-city breakdown of Canadian musical tastes—and how you can market to them

Know Your Consumer: What Music Fans Buy


Why you shouldn’t blast Shania Twain in your boutique, and other ways to cater to different musical tastes

Why Europe (Yes, Europe) is a Growth Market


The EU's economic woes are passing. And that means it's time for current and would-be exporters to pay attention

The Massive Audience That 60% of Small Firms Are Missing


Canadians are the most voracious internet users in the world, yet more than half of small businesses in Canada don’t have a website

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