How to Make Big Money by Thinking Small

This successful franchiser's founders used to turn their noses at tiny markets. Now they seek them out.

Build a Marketplace for These Primary Producers

Illustration: Dale Edwin Murray

Opportunities 2015: Deregulation of the selling process have left these producers seeking a new middleman. How to cash in.

The Biggest Cost of Bad Ideas

Photo: Jumbo2010/iStock

Mistakenly pursuing a poor opportunity is a waste of time, money and energy. But there’s an even bigger cost.

Help Disrupt This Massive Industry from Within

Illustration: Dale Edwin Murray

Opportunities 2015: Major institutions in this sector are facing big technological threats. There's room to help them in their fight.

Focus on Going Deep, Not Broad


Breather is Airbnb for empty workplaces. Here's how it plans to grow and thrive.

The Huge Demand Canadian Firms Are Failing to Meet

Photo: Paha_L/iStock

Canadians love this product, but we don't produce enough of it. Why we're losing out to imports.

Do Your Employees Ever See the Sun?


An office lit entirely by natural light and 12 other business ideas, products and strategies in the latest Ingenuity Index

Get Ready to Ride the Micro-Condo Wave

Photo: Ho-Reliance Properties/CP

A flood of tiny apartments are set to hit the market this year, and new tenants will need services to match

How League Plans to Fix Healthcare

Photo: Tetra Images/Getty

Kobo founder Michael Serbinis' new venture aims to stop users from getting sick by simplifying access to health and wellness professionals

How to Help Customers Decide What They Like

Photo: Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star/Getty

Canadian e-commerce success story Frank & Oak rolls out curation service

The Way to a Man’s Stomach

Photo: Alija/iStock

Convenience drives the healthy eating habits of men, so make sure you're close by

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