Walking meetings can help sedentary white-collar employees get moving

Illustration: Kagan McLeod

While the campaign to improve office fitness seems to focus on desks—so far, of the standing, walking and cycling variety—the key to a healthy work life may actually lie in getting up from one every once in a while.

The idea comes courtesy of a study out of the University of Miami, published in the Centre for Disease Control’s journal Preventing Chronic Disease. The researchers found that changing one seated meeting per week to a walking brainstorming session increased the work-related physical activity levels of white-collar employees by 10 minutes. The change doesn’t hurt productivity, with the authors reporting that study participants could “easily fit a walking meeting into the workday with little to no burden to their workflow.” Bonus: It’s harder for someone to interrupt a meeting when it involves chasing down and intercepting the participants.

If you’re not keen on leading the team on laps around the office while discussing quarterly reports, you should probably get up and so some on-your-feet thinking for at least a few minutes everyday.


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