Special Report: Perfect Pairs – How to sustain a productive business partnership

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Great business partnerships are the cornerstone of many successful companies. If partners learn how to combine their diverse talents in pursuit of a shared goal, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

This package offers straightforward and practical advice about how to sustain such an effective partnership. The stories here include ones on how to delay the inevitable relationship issues that will arise, what makes Kevin O’Leary a great business partner and how to restore the magic in a relationship that has gone stale.

This Special Report also explains how to avoid the disasters that can result from the lack of a solid shareholders’ agreement—and how to craft a good one. And our award-winning story about partnership breakups offers insights from entrepreneurs who have been through breakups into the factors that can lead to a business divorce.

The insights and best practices presented here provide a quick and easy primer on how to sustain a satisfying partnership that can take your business to new levels of success.

5 Proven Ways to Extend the Honeymoon

5 Proven Ways to Extend the HoneymoonMarried in business? Try these tested tactics for delaying—or overcoming—the relationship trouble that will come

What Makes Kevin O’Leary a Great Business Partner

What Makes Kevin O’Leary a Great Business Partner The Dragons’ Den investor made his fortune in large part thanks to a rock-solid relationship with his business partners. Here he identifies 4 keys to keeping a partnership strong

Reigniting a Stale Partnership

Reigniting a Stale PartnershipHave you and your business partners drifted apart? Here’s what you can learn from two entrepreneurs who got their old magic back

Why You Need a Better Shareholders’ Agreement

Why You Need a Better Shareholders’ AgreementToo many business partnerships are governed by goodwill or shoddy contracts—leading to disastrous results

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking Up is Hard to DoNo matter how happy your business partnership seems, it could end badly. In this award-winning story, entrepreneurs who have been through breakups reveal the factors that could lead to business divorce—and share a few ideas on managing
the split

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