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Download & View the PDF reportEntrepreneur, philanthropist and self-help author William Clement Stone said, “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect.” While you’d be wise to avoid delivering a sales pitch to a prospect in the heat of a tax audit, it’s true that the seller’s optimism and enthusiasm are key to overcoming objections and putting a product in its best light. And without them, is there any point to even making a sales call?

You can’t teach attitude, so you have to hire it. Which is where sales managers enter the picture. Recruiting the right salespeople is only one of several key functions of sales management. Identifying and addressing training needs, setting compensation plans and developing sales support systems are some of the other crucial tasks of sales managers.

So, how’s sales management doing at your company? This PROFITguide.com special report—Sell More: The Hallmarks of High-Performing Sales Organizations—offers more than a few benchmarks to help you gauge the effectiveness of sales management in your firm, and a few ideas on getting the right people doing the right things to win and retain customers.

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