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3 Rules for Delivering Winning Business Pitches

You're doomed if you overload your pitch with too much detail, says pitching expert Hamish McKenzie.

Why Team Athletes Make the Most Valuable Employees

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Sports-playing staff can usually be relied on regardless of industry or position

3 Tips for Avoiding a Fight Over Family Financing

Photo: Maripassos/iStock

Having a tough time getting funded? Avoid the temptation to draw on the bank of brother

3 Signs That You Should Do Your Own Marketing

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Outsourced marketing isn't for everyone. How to know when to do it in-house

One Reliable Way to Attract Investor Interest


Investors want to see proof of concept before they hand over their money. Here’s how to give it to them

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Rent

PROFIT Business Cast

Commercial lease coach Dale Willerton explains how to control your real estate costs

The 4 Essentials of Legendary Customer Service

Photo: Alubalish/iStock

What you can learn from a brand with a reputation for always going above and beyond

Why Your Entrepreneurial Passion Could Be a Problem

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You can’t succeed in business without conviction, but too much of it can be a blinding

The Best Way to Stop Your Staff from Quitting

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Making this simple change will help you hire better and keep your employees for longer

The Most Valuable Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs

Illustration: Jack191/iStock

The best founders and business owners master this skill early. Why you should learn to do the same

Do I Really Need an Open Office?

Photo: Jason Todd/Getty

Sometimes you just need your own space. How to build a collaborative workspace without sacrificing privacy

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Time-management tips to help you squeeze more hours out of your already-packed schedule

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