Best Practices

One Reliable Way to Attract Investor Interest

Investors want to see proof of concept before they hand over their money. Here’s how to give it to them

The Best Way to Stop Your Staff from Quitting

Photo: Riccardo Mojana/iStock

Making this simple change will help you hire better and keep your employees for longer

The Most Valuable Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs

Illustration: Jack191/iStock

The best founders and business owners master this skill early. Why you should learn to do the same

Do I Really Need an Open Office?

Photo: Jason Todd/Getty

Sometimes you just need your own space. How to build a collaborative workspace without sacrificing privacy

5 Tips to Make Tax Time Easier and Less Expensive

Taxes image re-sized

Advice that can help you file on time and maximize your return

Build a Team of Founders Investors Will Love

Business partners shaking hands in meeting hall

A startup is only as good as its people. How to choose the perfect partners for your venture

The Profits and Perils of Sponsorship

Photo: Snelsonc/iStock

Small businesses are vital financial contributors to their communities, but when should you draw the line?

Time Management Tips from Canada’s Busiest Woman

Photo: John Londoño

This top CEO combines her corporate responsibilities with plentiful public service. How she manages it all

4 Ways to Cure a Culture of Complacency


How to get your company's entitled employees back on track and keep them enagaged

The Biggest Cost of Bad Ideas

Photo: Jumbo2010/iStock

Mistakenly pursuing a poor opportunity is a waste of time, money and energy. But there’s an even bigger cost.

Exit Tips from an Entrepreneur Who Sold His Business—Twice

Photo: KLH49/iStock

Tricks and tactics to help you attract an offer you can't refuse.

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