Business B.S.

Frequently-invoked rules of business strategy and management that are totally wrong

The Real Reason Your Email Inbox is Always Full

Illustration: Lightcome/iStock

More than a quarter of the average workweek is spent on email

What Bosses Get Wrong About Entitled Millennial Employees

Photo: Geber86/iStock

Kids these days just don't know how to do an honest day's work—or so we're told. Here's the truth

Why You Could Be Promoting the Wrong People

Photo: Nastco/iStock

Advancement should be based on merit, but bosses often overlook competent employees

Why “Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow” is Terrible Advice

Illustration: Tony Dominick/iStock

Passion for your job or business can actually hurt your chances of success

One Simple Rule for Better Time Management

Time is money clock

Get more important things done using this productivity hack

An Open-Door Policy Encourages the Wrong Kind of Communication

Photo: Ljupco/iStock

Ignore the accepted wisdom of approachability

The Workplace Change That Cuts Costs and Boosts Productivity

Computers in empty office

Traditional office arrangements are passé

Why Working from Home Doesn’t Work


There's no substitute for face-to-face contact. The case for banning telecommuting

Why Introverts Make Better Managers


Leaders are expected to be extroverted, but their confidence could end up costing you

Why Waking Up Early Could Be Hurting Your Productivity


Making the most of your time doesn't necessarily mean setting your alarm for the crack of dawn

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