Business Trends

When Will Your Marketing Pay Off?


You'll need to wait at least 100 days to start getting a return on investment. And it's unrealistic to expect otherwise

The 7 Elements of Great B2B Marketing


The attributes you really need to make a splash in today's competitive environment

Do You Really Need a Marketing Manager?


The changing purchasing landscape has many B2B firms scrambling to hire marketers, but it's best not to rush the decision

Why You Should Beware Aging Markets


Big nations don't necessarily mean big export opportunities. It's smarter to focus on young, rising populations

The Case Against Working in Clusters


Widely touted as hothouses for innovation and growth, industrial clusters might not actually help smaller exporters

The Economic Indicators that Really Matter


Combat data overload by following the statistics that are actually important as you grow your business internationally

The U.S. States that Suck for Business


In this week's Export Wire: Why some states aren't worth your time; tiny Brunei's power in Trans-Pacific free trade; and an export policy lesson from the U.K.

How to Get Foreign Buyers to Pay Up


In this week's Export Wire: How sight drafts get foreign customers to pay, why Canada's exports are falling and why you should expect an 80-cent dollar

Taxi Shortage + Growing Population = Ka-Ching!

taxi cars

Opportunity beckons for those who can fill a growing void in Vancouver

Why You Should Consider Subscription Pricing

sub economy

Think subscriptions won’t work for your business? The trend is spreading well beyond magazines to encompass everything from coffee and pet food to health care