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Lessons in Leading in the Face of Adversity From Atco’s Nancy Southern


The president and CEO of one of Canada's largest energy firms on responding to the Fort McMurray wildfire and leading the company after the death of her father

Lessons in Scaling Startup Culture from Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein

Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein. Photo: Regina Garcia

The Canadian tech star's COO on digitizing retail and his “weird, dirty secret” for managing better

What Michael Denham Has Planned for the BDC (and for You)


The crown corp's new CEO on what Canada's entrepreneurs need to thrive in the global economy today, and how he can help

The Secrets of Jim Treliving’s Success

Photo: Liam Sharp

The longest-serving Dragon on Dragons’ Den and the driving force behind Boston Pizza on cracking new markets and maintaining a partnership

Lessons in Sales and Strategy from a Champion Entrepreneur


Atlantic Canadian tech icon and serial startup founder Gerry Pond explains his success

Time Management Tips from Canada’s Busiest Woman

Photo: John Londoño

This top CEO combines her corporate responsibilities with plentiful public service. How she manages it all

3 Essential Ingredients for Fruitful Franchising

Photo: Nick Wong/CB

New York Fries founder Jay Gould explains his approach to franchising, innovation and spending his own money.

3 Key Lessons from Second Cup CEO Alix Box

Photo: Nick Wong/CB

Reviving a fading player in a highly competitive market is no easy task, but the first-time chief executive has a plan

Lessons in Diversification from Cineplex’s Ellis Jacob

Cineplex Entertainment President and CEO Ellis Jacob

The entertainment mogul talks about integrating new acquisitions and what he's learned over three decades in the business

Lessons in Turning Around a Business from Blackberry’s John Chen

BlackBerry CEO John Chen speaks at the company's annual general meeting in Waterloo, Ont., Thursday June 19, 2014.

“People don’t necessarily love what I say, but they know it’s the truth”

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