Consumer Trends

Where are Canada’s Wealthiest Neighbourhoods?

(Photo: Sotheby’s International Realty)

An exclusive ranking and analysis of the top 25 places where the country's richest choose to live

Who Still Goes to the Movies?


12 things you need to know to reach Canadians lining up at the Cineplex in 2014

Do Big-Box Stores Help Independent Retailers?


New research suggests that retail giants aren't always the huge threat they're perceived to be

Get to Know the Mall of the Future

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Shopping centres are shedding mid-range department stores and bland food courts for a more consumer-friendly model. Are you ready for it?

Why Canadian Retailers are Slashing Prices


A new survey suggests that nearly half of storeowners plan to lower prices this year in order to retain customers

How Does Your Business Smell?

Woman smelling white flower, close-up macro shot of nose

New research shows how the ambient scent of your store can put your customers at ease—or fill them with anxiety

Why Homegrown Tourists are a Lucrative Market


Forget foreign visitors; 15 million Canucks spend their tourist bucks to travel within Canada each year. Here's how to reach them

Why Mobile is a Retailer’s Best Friend


Ubiquitous smartphones and cheap analytics tools are giving storeowners what they've long craved: accurate customer data

The Delicate Art of Location-Based Marketing


Retailers can now track mobile devices nearby and beckon their owners. Do shoppers crave it or resent the intrusion?

Millennials Aren’t So Hard Up After All


A new report suggests members of Gen Y have more cash than their parents did a generation ago, but they also carry more debt