Consumer Trends

What Today’s Small Businesses Can Do to Beat Giant Competitors


"Craft brands" are winning market share from the big guys by focusing on what makes them unique

The Hidden Value of Inspiring Your Customers

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Stores are losing foot traffic as shoppers increasingly find outfit ideas online. Why customization and connection matter more than ever

Can You Afford to Let Customers Wait in Line?

Large group of people waiting in line

Today's consumers don't have the patience to stand around. So theme parks, where queuing is its own special attraction, are replacing real-life lines with virtual ones

When Nostalgia in Marketing Works

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Just because something reminds consumers of the past doesn't mean it will resonate today. How to get it right

Why There’s No Such Thing as Oversharing in Marketing

Illustration: Peter Arkle

There was a time when divulging private details in a business context was taboo. But a new breed of entrepreneurs are making bank by baring all

How to Boost Impulse Buys Online


With no supermarket checkout aisles to tempt them, shoppers tend not to pick up extra goodies. What brands and retailers are doing to encourage them

Why Sunrise Records Thinks It Can Succeed Where HMV Failed

A closing HMV music store in Kingston, Ont., in January 2017. Photo: Lars Hagberg/CP

Vinyl is having a moment, and Ontario-based Sunrise Records is basking in it. But is the market big enough to sustain 70 new retail locations?

Meet the Entrepreneur Helping Shoppers Pick Better Beauty Products

Lily Tse of Think Dirty. Photo: Erik Putz

Lily Tse created Think Dirty, an app that alerts consumers to potentially harmful chemicals in cosmetics

Canada’s Most Lucrative Places for Business: #1 — Vaughan, Ont.


The diverse, rapidly-growing city provides plenty of opportunities for companies seeking a new market

The New Era of Consumer Trust

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Information-saturated shoppers want to outsource their consciences to the companies they buy from. That's a huge opportunity