Consumer Trends

The Hot New Food Fad with a Distinctly Canadian Flavour

(L to R) Trader Joe's pure coconut water, C2O pure coconut water, Coco Cafe vanilla coconut water cafe latte, Zico pure premium coconut water, O.N.E. coconut water, and Happy Tree maple water and maple syrup. Photo: Matthew Mead/AP Photo/CP

Companies hope water flavoured with maple tree sap can captivate the fickle beverage market

Beware of Bad Review Blackmail

Photo: iStock

Review sites are being weaponized by unscrupulous clients who shake down vendors for discounts—or else

What Today’s Job Seekers Look For in an Employer

Photo: iStock

3 Key Charts: important recruitment factors, reasons for buying second-hand, and millennial mothers.

How to Avoid Becoming the Next Future Shop, Target or Jacob

Photo: Rick Madonik/Toronto Star/Getty

Giving consumers what they want requires a change in approach

Should You Have an Easter Sale?

Illustration: Gravicapa/iStock

3 Key Charts: how consumers react to holiday sales, the construction skills gap and loyalty program results.

A New Way to Get on Consumers’ Smartphones


You don't need an app to offer deals or promote products in-store

4 Retail Disruptors You Need to Be Ready For


An infographic of the forces that are set to turn the retail world upside down

The Social Angst That Makes Consumers Buy More

Shopping bags small

Harnessing this modern-day twist on keeping up with the Joneses could help you acquire customers

Can Canada Goose Escape the Success Trap?

Photo: Aaron Vincent Elkaim/CP

The Canadian brand is at risk of going out of fashion. Why popularity can be a curse as well as a blessing

What’s Your Localness Score?

Illustration: Perysty/iStock

Consumers are increasingly curious about the source of their purchases. How that could affect your business