Consumer Trends

5 Ways to Make Focus Groups Useful

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Want to know whether your offering will be a hit before you take it to market? Put it to your end-users first—and be smart about how you do so

Mass Customization: The Future of Manufacturing

(Photo: Charlie Mahoney)

New technology and changing customer demands are shifting entrenched production systems. And that's great news for SMEs

What To Sell the Lucrative Work-From-Home Market

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More than 2.5 million Canadians now work out of home offices. They’re affluent, educated and interested in a lot more than yoga pants and coffee mugs

Good News: Consumers Want to Spend

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A new study finds buyers are cautiously confident about their own finances—and about what lies ahead

The Problem With Marketing Today

BMW is just one brand that makes the mistake of focusing on "why" in its campaigns.

Most companies try to reach customers by focusing on economic drivers—not sociological ones. And that's why they fail, says one business professor

6 Simple Ways to Serve Islamic Customers

young muslim woman in head scarf using laptop in cafe with friends

Muslims are increasingly affluent and globally minded. Here’s how to reach this US$1.8-trillion consumer market

Why Gen Y Isn’t So Upbeat After All


Millennials are a lot more worried about the future than you might think. Does it change how you should market to them?

5 Ways to Sell to the Lucrative Young Asian Market

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Young consumers in China, India and beyond are increasingly affluent. Here's how to get a piece of the billions they're spending

Where to Find Katy Perry Fans

Photo: Robyka54 via Wikimedia Commons

A city-by-city breakdown of Canadian musical tastes—and how you can market to them

Know Your Consumer: What Music Fans Buy


Why you shouldn’t blast Shania Twain in your boutique, and other ways to cater to different musical tastes