Corporate Culture

Why You Should Let Staff Do What They Want

Illustration: Desadaphorn/iStock

Autonomy is a key factor in improving job satisfaction AND performance, according to recent research

The Hidden Costs of Unlimited Vacation Policies


How unstructured, unlimited holiday policies can backfire, leaving companies with burned out employees and big bills instead of a well-rested workforce

What Employers Must Do to Accommodate Staff

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The ever-changing scope of workplace accommodation makes it a thorny issue for businesses to navigate. These five best practices help mitigate the threat of penalties or legal challenges

How to Prevent Your Top Performers From Breaching Company Ethics


Workplaces are inclined to bend rules or look the other way when star employees harass or act out

Where Workplaces Are Still Failing LGBTQ Staff

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Despite employers putting anti-discrimination policies in place, many corporate cultures haven't adapted. How companies can promote inclusiveness

When a Hippie Company Culture Drives Real Business Results


PGL Employment Consulting's informal way of working boosts the bottom line and helped make the firm one of Aon's Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada

Why It’s So Important to Hire People Who Fit


Half of Canadians are unhappy at work, a new survey finds—and even more feel unsuited to their jobs. That's costing their employers serious money

How Not to Fire Someone


Yelp axed staffer Talia Jane for slamming her working conditions in an open letter to CEO Jeremy Stoppelman. Here are better, controversy-free ways to deal with disgruntled employees

What the Maple Leafs (and You) Can Learn from the Patriots

Teammates hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the New England Patriots' win at Super Bowl XLIX—the franchise's fourth win in 15 years. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Team-building tips for your company and the NHL’s worst team, from one of the NFL's best

How to Identify Bad Apples (and What to Do With Them)

Bad Employee

Management shouldn’t be based on performance and productivity metrics alone. Why culture fit is the key to building a strong team