Corporate Culture

Low-Tech Tricks to Make Yourself More Productive

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Sam Sebastian heads the Canadian arm of an internet giant, but his working style is effectively old-fashioned

Why Your Employees’ Fitness is Your Problem

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Personal development goals boost employee engagement and keep workers in good shape

Nobody Wants to Hear Your Bragging

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Self-promoters fail to see how irritating their boasting can be

How Corporate Culture Can Backfire

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Much of Silicon Valley's success is attributed to culture, but the industry has a diversity problem. We need to talk about women in tech.

There’s No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance

Woman holding child and talking on phone in office

Trying to separate your job and personal time completely just isn't worth the effort. A little overlap isn't can make you happier and more productive.

How Your Secret Santa Gift Stacks Up

Watercooler Dec Secret Santa Display

Is what you bought better than what you got? Plus: more news about work in the latest Watercooler

Is the Office Christmas Party Worth It?


Millennial staffers will yawn at a stuffy three-course dinner. If you want a party to remember, you have to get creative. (Axe-throwing, anyone?)

One Company’s Clever Holiday Marketing Gambit


Klick Health aims to spread the word about its corporate culture through a truly unique version of "Jingle Bells"

The Hidden Value of Office Smalltalk

Vietnamese businesswoman and Indian businessman conversing at water cooler.

The chatterbox who can't stop talking about last night's football game might just be enhancing your business

The Shocking Truth About Workplace Harassment


More than a quarter of Canadians have been sexually assaulted on the job. And that's not even the most surprising stat