Corporate Culture

Why Resumés Don’t Help You Find Talent


It’s time to stop relying on the traditional candidate-screening document and start using something that actually finds you employees who fit

The Hidden Danger of Funding

Falling Money (Canadian Dollars)

When you secure financing, the culture of your company can change in a hurry. That’s a problem when your firm’s DNA is what attracted investors in the first place

How to Marry Your Secretary

Illustration: Chris Gash

...and other peer advice on managing workplace romances

Are You a Toxic Leader?


4 signs that your “bad boss” behaviour might be infiltrating your entire workforce—and what you can do to stop the damage

Canada’s Smartest Company 2014

Photo: Candace Meyer

John DeHart and his team at Vancouver-based home care provider Nurse Next Door have forged a corporate culture that treats “good” as never good enough

VIDEO// How Entrepreneur = Pro Athlete


What is the "sound of support" and how can it help you connect to your staff? Paralympian Jeff Adams on building a solid company culture

Secrets to Growth Without the Chaos

arrow jumping

Concrete best practices to keep you from stumbling in the dark as you push for consistent growth

Yes, You Can Expand Without Destroying Your Culture

Photo: Sarah Boland,

When you launch a new venture, you need new staff with new skills. Getting them all on the same page is the tough part

Your Best New (Furry) Employee


Could puppies be the perk that leads to lower stress and higher productivity?

Get Out of Meeting Hell: 3 Key Steps

Two Businessmen shaking hands in the Field

Don't waste your time. Introducing the 12-minute meeting