Cost Control

The 4 Legal Matters Startups Should Settle Early


Too many founders fail to pay attention to these crucial issues at the beginning, leading to huge costs later on

Why Office Space Is the Next Frontier of the Sharing Economy

Spacehop user Lavinia Osbourne in one of the homes available for hire as office space on the website, in London, England. Photo: Tim Ireland/AP/CP

A growing crop of marketplaces allow owners to rent out their spaces short-term, providing a new workplace option for mobile workers

Lessons From the Dragons: The Budget Way to Start Up


Entrepreneurs pitch healthy, and not so healthy, staples from their homelands on the Dragons' Den Season 11 Canadian Dreams Special

Why Litigation Financing Firms Fund Lawsuits from the Little Guys

Photo: iStock

It's no longer taboo for third parties to back other people's legal pursuits, creating surging demand for businesses that serve as benefactors

How Much is Traffic Costing Your Business?

taxi cars

Canada's worst bottlenecks cost drivers 11.5 million hours in delays each year, according to the CAA. That's time you and your people could be spending at home or work

Why the Walmart-Visa Deal Could Be Bad News for SMEs

merchant using credit card machine

The CFIB says independents could pay the price for a recent accord between the two giant companies

5 Proven Employee Perks You Should Copy


Forget catered lunches and office pets. While your employees can't hold these incentives in their hands, they're sure to love them

How Much Should You Be Spending on Employee Benefits?


Providing coverage for workers can be a huge cost for small businesses. Advice from an HR pro

Why You Should Stop Sending Your Vendors and Clients Holiday Gifts

Christmas Ornament In Front Of Businessman Working At Desk

The trinkets firms traditionally send out at this time of year aren't worth the paper they’re wrapped in

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Reduce Your Taxes Too Much

Tax cut

Finding increasingly creative ways to pay less might be tempting for entrepreneurs, but aggressive tax-planning strategies are not without risk