The Secret to Success in a Creative Industry

PROFIT Business Cast

Entertainer Kate Todd and producer Peter Linseman explain how making music is just like entrepreneurship

4 Ways to Make the Most of Crowdfunding

Putting money into piggy bank

Sourcing capital from the public at large is no longer an unconventional option. How to do it right

Finding a Place in a Crowded Smart Home

Photo: Neurio

Vancouver's Neurio is reinventing itself as a consumer-focused product maker. Here's Janice Cheam's plan to succeed.

The Upside of Having No Money

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Bootstrapping a business can yield some surprising benefits. Just ask this startup CEO

Secrets of a Crowdfunding Master

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Want to know what will make people support your venture? Ask the guy who's raised more than 2,000% of his goal

Inside the Pre-Tail Revolution

Pre-tail Hexo+ Display

Crowdfunding can be a great way to gather market intel. Here's what you can learn from products that succeeded (and those that failed)

How to Get The Most from a Crowdfunding Campaign


Your bid will be a lot more profitable if you give people choice, according to new research

What Proposed Crowdfunding Laws Mean for You

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Two sets of pending legislation will seriously affect how companies can solicit funds from the public. Here's what you need to know

Crowdfunding: More Than a Financial Flea Market

Illustration: Dan Page

Crowdfunding is a game changer, no matter what industry you’re in. How to build a supportive community of fans, investors and customers for your business

Yoga Pants at the Office?

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Would you wear yoga pants designed to look like dress pants to your next meeting? It may seem like a dud idea, but it’s a crowdfunding success