3 Hidden Dangers of Crowdfunding

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Beware the fine print. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo can be great assets for a startup, but a campaign can have unexpected consequences

Crowdfunding: Viable Resource or Novelty?

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Crowdfunding is a hot topic lately, but how does it really fit into the average entrepreneur's plans?

It May Get Easier to Invest in Ontario Businesses

Putting money into piggy bank

The OSC considers changes to the exempt market regulatory regime that would allow more investors to support SMEs

Your Most Powerful Fundraising Tool

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How one entrepreneur bypassed traditional financing entirely

Beyond the Banks


Where else to find the capital your business needs

A New Way to Kickstart a Business

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They won’t let you sell shares—yet—but “crowdfunding” websites like Kickstarter are helping Canadian entrepreneurs fund production, test the market and secure buyers

Financing Strategies for Your Startup

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Raising money for a startup has never been easy. But there is some good news: here are the two best bets for finding the money needed to launch a company