Customer Service

Why You Should Let Your Clients Look Inside Your Company

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Transparency about timelines and project progress fuelled massive growth for Toronto’s Symbility

Why You Shouldn’t Respond to Angry Tweets


Upset customers are wont to vent on social media. But showing them that you're listening could actually backfire

How to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients

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Persuading customers that they need to pay more for your products or services is difficult at the best of times. Five tips for avoiding a backlash when you hike your rates

Why You’ll Soon Need to Build Your Own Bot

Microsoft's Skype and Facebook's Messenger apps on a smartphone. Photo: Patrick Sison/AP/CP

Forget apps. The future of business-consumer interaction is automated texting via online messaging services like Facebook Messenger or Canada's own Kik

What Retailers Can Learn from Indigo’s Incredible Comeback

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Heather Reisman’s chain is a great example of current trends, focused on diversification and destination shopping

The App-Free Way to Talk to Your Customers


As consumers grow tired of downloading apps, savvy companies are turning to the lowly text message to keep in touch and deliver new services

Why You Should Keep Your Customers Waiting


Next Big Thing 2016: Creating artificial scarcity can be good for your brand and your sales. The case for being exclusive

The Rise of Same-Day Everything

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Next Big Thing 2016: In the e-commerce age, the ability to get goods to consumers' doors is a must-have. Why delivery is such an important differentiator

Why You Should Avoid the Hard Sell

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Lululemon's success shows that helping your customers can be just as effective as advertising

What Today’s Consumers Value Most

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The sharing economy has shifted spending behaviours from ownership to experiences and made trust even more important, according to new reports