Customer Service

What You Can Learn from an eBay Millionaire

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Smoke and mirrors don't move merchandise. Why one online seller recommends being honest

When a Thank You is Better than a Reward


Cheapo rewards don't work, according to a new study. Give customers gratitude instead of chintzy gifts

4 Polite Ways to Collect on an Overdue Invoice

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You don't need to damage your relationships with customers to get paid what you're owed. Effective alternative to aggressive action

5 Tips for Using Music to Improve Your Customer Experience

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The right background tunes can help reinforce your brand and build consumer loyalty

The Case for Letting Customers Go

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Customers hate dealing with the "retention" desk. Why it makes more sense to let them go and then win them back instead

How Small Firms Can Win Big from Mega-Events

Mega-events like the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games can provide big exposure for small businesses. Photo: Chris Young/CP

Toronto’s SpiderTech will supply the Pan Am Games. What they did to prepare

How to Retain Customers Like a Luxury Brand

Luxury retailer Holt Renfrew's flagship Toronto store. Photo: Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail/CP

What keeps consumers coming back? The four key elements that high value brands use to build loyalty

How to Set Your Business Up for Success from Day One

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Processes and procedures developed early on have fuelled Rockwood Custom Homes' amazing growth

Why Share of Heart is More Important than Share of Wallet

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Focus on creating emotional engagement with customers instead of simply taking their money

Why Sales Should Be About Relationship Building, Not Profit


A relentless focus on customer service earned Jackie Pickard the #2 spot on the 2015 PROFIT W100