Customer Service

The 4 Fundamentals of Great Customer Service


Simple ways to keep people coming back again, and again, and again

When to Jump the Supply Chain

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In the midst of the housing collapse, business was so brisk in emerging markets, Global Lumber Resources couldn’t keep up. So, it cut out the middlemen

Don’t Let Twitter Complaints Sink You


Social media can be a powerful (and free!) customer-service tool. But it also can backfire if left unchecked. How to stop negative comments about your company from spreading

Hot Niche: Personal Concierge Services


In today's time-strapped world, catering to the daily needs of the super-wealthy (and the middle class) is a solid business bet

5 Reasons to Manufacture in Canada

Made in Canada and barcode, business concept

Offshore production isn't always cheaper especially if service is your hallmark. The advantages one firm gained from going local

Don’t Ignore the Customer From Hell

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Research shows that a disgruntled customer can become your greatest resource

How to Get More Superfans Than Apple


The approach that earned Clearly Contacts more fans than Apple, Amazon and Costco

How to Engage Millennials


Believe it or not, Gen Y employees can do amazing work in positions most consider menial. You just need to learn how to tap into what makes them tick

The $25 Billion Market Just Waiting to be Served


Making your business accessible to people with disabilities isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s a massive opportunity

6 Powerful Ways to Use Social Media


How four PROFIT 500 CEOs have used social media to boost sales, cut costs and improve their products or services