Customer Service

5 Deal Breakers That Sink Sales and How to Avoid Them


Expert advice on what you may be doing wrong and what you can do to fix it

How to Miss Your Deadline But Keep the Client

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Every company strives to meet time targets, but problems inevitably crop up. The right way to tell your customers when things have gone wrong

4 Ways to Make the Most of a Conversation


Building loyalty and trust requires more than just your physical presence. How to have more productive and meaningful one-on-one encounters

Why You Shouldn’t Just Give Clients What They Say They Want

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A customer don't always know what the best solution to their problem is. How to identify their real goals and meet them

Why Design Should Matter to You

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Canada’s savviest companies are using design principles to engage customers and boost profits. How to make it your competitive advantage

The True Cost of Poor Customer Service


Canadians are 'silent switchers,' leaving companies no chance to make it right before they jump to the competition. How to ensure you don't lose them

Lessons in Customer Care from a Service Legend


Iconic hotelier Horst Schulze (of Ritz-Carlton fame) explains the simple changes any leader can make to foster great customer experiences

How to Break Bad News to a Client


Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Seven steps to telling your customers the unfortunate truth without jeopardizing your reputation and credibility

The Secret to Great Customer Service

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Delivering the kind of experiences clients crave takes one-on-one attention, not technology quick fixes. Why you need to find your company's "moment of truth"

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Service Over the Phone

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A single bad call can ruin a relationship. Tips on making sure clients hang up happy