Customer Service

How to Turn Your Superfans Into an Incredible Marketing Resource


Build the Perfect Small Business: The clients you already have can help you find new ones. What you can do to generate referrals and make customers feel valued

How to Create Amazing Customer Experiences

Saje Natural Wellness CEO Kate Ross LeBlanc in one of the PROFIT 500 company's Vancouver stores

Few businesses see service improve with growth. Then again, few businesses are structured like PROFIT 500 winner Saje Natural Wellness, a company with customer delight in its DNA

What Can Brands Do When Faced With Social Media Hostility?

angry customer

Transit agencies and airlines bombarded with angry and abusive posts are responding in different ways

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Customers to Rate You


The number of stars a product gets have very little to do with the quality of what's being reviewed, according to a new study

How to Keep Your Ear to the Ground


Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi on why he never shies away from conversations with his constituents

How to Standardize Great Service


Oliver & Bonacini president Andrew Oliver reveals the tactics that equip his 1,200 employees to deliver amazing customer experiences

How to Get More Done With “Unified Communications”


This growing Ontario company improved customer service and staff morale by picking a tool people actually like to use

Why Great Customer Service Is the Best Kind of Marketing

Photo: Alubalish/iStock

Finding new clients is expensive—and getting more so. Focus on keeping existing ones happy

How to Boost Your Bottom Line by Letting Some of Your Clients Go

Illustration: Sorbetto/iStock

This W100 winner took a big risk reducing her customer count by 15%, but the payoff—profit growth of 30% and more meaningful work—was worth it

5 Ways to Lose Clients Without Really Trying


Simple mistakes and shortcomings can cost you current customers, and prevent you from attracting new ones. What not to do