Customer Service

The Secret to 100% Customer Satisfaction

PROFIT Business Cast

An award-winning eBay merchant shares the three things he does to keep buyers happy

Why You Should Move to Online Customer Service


New research shows that clients are happiest when the support comes not in person, but rather through a screen

What You Can Learn From Walmart’s Mistakes


The retail giant has been doing some serious experimenting around the world, and its mixed results offer many lessons

The Laser-Focused Approach to Winning Foreign Clients


How one elevator fixture supplier came to flourish in U.S. by ditching "spray and pray" for something more strategic

How to Make Angry Customers Love You

angry customer

The disgruntled have a lot of power in the digital age. But you can turn their ire into affection

When Snobby Staff = Stellar Sales


A new study shows that luxury customers buy more when staff is rude. (Call it the Mean Girls effect)

The 4 Fundamentals of Great Customer Service


Simple ways to keep people coming back again, and again, and again

When to Jump the Supply Chain

handing package

In the midst of the housing collapse, business was so brisk in emerging markets, Global Lumber Resources couldn’t keep up. So, it cut out the middlemen

Don’t Let Twitter Complaints Sink You


Social media can be a powerful (and free!) customer-service tool. But it also can backfire if left unchecked. How to stop negative comments about your company from spreading

Hot Niche: Personal Concierge Services


In today's time-strapped world, catering to the daily needs of the super-wealthy (and the middle class) is a solid business bet