Customer Service

Marketing Starts with Your Own Employees

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The strength of your brand relies on your workforce, because engaged workers are creative and productive workers.

How to Fire a Client (Amicably)

client relationship

Don't hold on to a bad customer relationship just because you don't know how end it. Try these proven tips instead.

6 Smart Ways to Handle Bad Reviews


In the Internet age, everyone's a critic. Here is some expert advice on how to tame the trolls without losing your cool

The Key to Quick Global Expansion


Vancouver's Appnovation has grown quickly by staying close to its clients' locations and mining their huge need for open-source programmers

Canada Ranks Second in Customer Service


New data reveals we're masters of keeping clients satisfied—we just have to stop saying "sorry"

The Secret to 100% Customer Satisfaction

PROFIT Business Cast

An award-winning eBay merchant shares the three things he does to keep buyers happy

Why You Should Move to Online Customer Service


New research shows that clients are happiest when the support comes not in person, but rather through a screen

What You Can Learn From Walmart’s Mistakes


The retail giant has been doing some serious experimenting around the world, and its mixed results offer many lessons

The Laser-Focused Approach to Winning Foreign Clients


How one elevator fixture supplier came to flourish in U.S. by ditching "spray and pray" for something more strategic

How to Make Angry Customers Love You

angry customer

The disgruntled have a lot of power in the digital age. But you can turn their ire into affection