5 Ways to Support New-Immigrant Employees

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Recently-arrived workers need to adjust to Canadian workplace culture and practices. How to help them do that

How Canadian Business Leaders are Failing Working Women

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Few executives are signing up for initiatives aimed at promoting and mentoring women

5 Drivers of Gender Diversity in the Workplace

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Businesses need to be proactive about encouraging parity. How to hire, engage and retain more talented female employees

Why You Shouldn’t Hire for Leadership Potential


Cognitive biases can cause you to pass over excellent candidates according to a new study

3 Tips for Writing Must-Apply Job Postings

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A boilerplate description won’t help you attract talent. How to get candidates excited to work for you

Why Addressing Race in the Workplace Makes Good Business Sense

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The #RaceTogether stunt backfired, but internal discussions show leadership and breed loyalty

Why Female Leaders Make Better-Informed Exit Decisions


Women typically take a better approach to determination in crucial situations

The Profitable Strategy Many Businesses Ignore

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Gender equity has tangible financial benefits, but too many firms aren't making the effort to achieve it

The Best Way to Make HR Decisions

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Finding and keeping employees is a challenge for every small business owner. But there's a way to make it much easier.

The Problem with Too Many Men

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Women now occupy one in five seats in Canada's boardrooms, and growing momentum is encouraging

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