What Today’s Small Businesses Can Do to Beat Giant Competitors


"Craft brands" are winning market share from the big guys by focusing on what makes them unique

The Hidden Value of Inspiring Your Customers

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Stores are losing foot traffic as shoppers increasingly find outfit ideas online. Why customization and connection matter more than ever

Where in the World to Sell Online

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The popularity of e-commerce platforms allows Canadian SMBs to access growing international markets. Here's how to connect with foreign buyers without leaving your desk

How to Boost Impulse Buys Online


With no supermarket checkout aisles to tempt them, shoppers tend not to pick up extra goodies. What brands and retailers are doing to encourage them

Inside Shop.ca’s Failed E-Commerce Revolution

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Once one of Canada's hottest tech startups, the marketplace went bankrupt after a series of strategic missteps and clashing visions. Can it rise again?

4 Retail Trends to Watch For Next Year

A selection of handbags at Saks Fifth Avenue's new store in downtown Toronto, in February 2016. Photo: Nathan Denette/CP

Stores will need to adapt to the continued rise of e-commerce and the hollowing out of the mid-market in 2017

Why You Should Be Selling on Mobile Right Now

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Research suggests mobile ads and social media play a big role in driving purchases

What Consumers Want From a Mobile Shopping Experience

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Retailers need to step up their smartphone commerce game, a new study suggests

The Growth Secrets of Canada’s Hottest Startup

Shoes.com CEO Roger Hardy and founder Sean Clark at the footwear retailer and STARTUP 50 topper’s Vancouver head office

With STARTUP 50 winner Shoes.com, Roger Hardy and Sean Clark are once again working to build the perfect e-commerce company, one big, bold, potentially risky but possibly lucrative step at a time

The Latest Retail Category Facing Digital Disruption

A Toronto pop-up installation from the mattress company Casper, which is encouraging the public to use these "nap rooms" equipped with their mattresses. Photo: Chris Young/CP

Online furniture startups are trying to appeal to customers with lower prices and greater selection