6 Things to Watch For in Federal Budget 2017

Finance Minister Bill Morneau announces investment in research infrastructure at Ryerson University in Toronto in March 2017. Photo: Frank Gunn/CP

The government is betting big on investment in innovation, science and R&D. Here are some specific policies to watch for

What SMEs Are Worried About Right Now (And What to Do About It)

Revealing Blue Sky

Four strategies for dealing with economic and political uncertainty at home

Why Big Urban Markets Are More Important Than Ever


The 2016 census shows Canada's big cities are home to a huge share of the population, even as national headcount growth slows

The Problem With Canadian Innovation, According to Jim Balsillie


The former BlackBerry co-CEO and current chair of the Canadian Council of Innovators says our policies are stuck in the 20th century

How Much is Traffic Costing Your Business?

taxi cars

Canada's worst bottlenecks cost drivers 11.5 million hours in delays each year, according to the CAA. That's time you and your people could be spending at home or work

3 Tips to Make Your Firm Economically Agnostic

PROFIT Business Cast

Bull market or bear, some businesses keep on making money. Brian Gracon explains how your company can do the same

3 of the Most Important Lessons About the Economy From 2016


Pipelines took central stage at home, while protectionism came back into play abroad, with the election of Donald Trump heralding a new phase for free trade

Will Trump’s Tax Cuts Hurt Canada?

american money

The federal government is optimistic that the country can still attract talent and investment despite proposed tax breaks across the border

Why Your Next Growth Market is Closer Than You Think

100 bill with map resize

There's no need to look across borders and oceans—a new agreement is set to open up interprovincial trade and help you sell to other parts of Canada

What It Really Takes to Build an Innovation Hub

Photo: iStock

Former rustbelts trying to lure in high-tech companies need to focus on creating the kind of cities where knowledge workers actually want to live