What President Trump Could Mean for Canadian Small Businesses

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Economic uncertainty and worries about rising protectionism could hurt firms operating in the U.S.

Will the Next U.S. President Hurt Your Exports?

Truck Crossing the Canadian - United States Border

Canadian companies are expecting a modest uptick in foreign sales despite growth worries across the border, according to a new study

Which Province is Canada’s Growth Leader?

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British Columbia is set to lead the country in economic growth, according to a new study from BMO

How Will CPP Expansion Affect the Economy?

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The federal government says expanding the national retirement plan will hurt the economy and jobs in the short term, but boost growth post-2025

5 Ways to Get Canada’s Economy Growing Again

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McKinsey head and federal economic advisor Dominic Barton has a prescription for long-term expansion, and it includes a nod to small businesses

Why Hiring in Newfoundland and Labrador Could Soon Get a Lot Harder

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The province's bleak finances are prompting suggestions of an exodus of young workers

Do Tax Breaks Discourage Small Businesses From Growing?


New IMF research suggests there’s little economic benefit in lowering taxes for SMBs. This columnist argues it's time to end the policy

Why Business Owners See Clouds in the Federal Budget’s Sunny Ways

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You may want to grab an umbrella—despite the Liberals' sunny forecast, there could be rain on the horizon

Why Canada Needs More Entrepreneurs

woman with Open sign

Employment growth doesn’t just happen. In order to create jobs, we need to begin encouraging more Canadians to start businesses

What’s Worrying Canadian CEOs Right Now


A global survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers finds our top executives are currently preoccupied with cost-cutting and data security