Email Marketing

Why CASL May Actually Have Helped Brands


Despite dire predictions, email marketing has actually increased and improved since the CRTC introduced anti-spam regulations

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Many Small Businesses Still Haven’t Adapted to CASL


Anti-spam regulations which took effect a year ago have hampered promotional efforts according to a new study

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Daily deals site Buytopia saw the return on its email marketing efforts drop, so it turned to a new marketing tactic

Why Your Marketing Is Going Straight to the Junk Folder

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"Deletist" consumers increasingly unfollowing and unsubscribing from brands' outreach

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5 simple steps to give you a brand and communications makeover

How to Make Spam People Actually Want to Read


Why you should stop worrying and learn to love Canada's new anti-spam laws

The Secret to a Great Sales Email


New research suggests keeping your subject line short—really short—will make your open rates soar

Why CASL Won’t Hurt Small Businesses

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For all the panic surrounding the new anti-spam law, it's making companies do the right thing