Emerging Markets

Do You Need an International PR Strategy?


Even small companies dealing overseas need to be prepared to defend their reputations, in foreign countries and here at home

Making a Recession Work for You


How a teacher-recruitment firm leveraged the financial crisis to double its business

Canada’s Hidden Export Winners


In this week's Export Wire: Why Canada is a leader in pet food; the impact of EU free trade on the auto sector; and how to exploit the 'base of the pyramid'

Your Comprehensive Guide to Canada’s Free Trade Deals

A container ship arriving in port on a very calm day.

It seems the feds sign a new trade pact every week. Here's what you need to know to best take advantage

How to Sell to Foreign Governments


Don't get left out of lucrative foreign infrastructure and defence sales. Here's who to call to get your foot in the door

U.S. Focus Leaves Exporters Vulnerable

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Does Budget 2014 do enough to support exports to emerging markets?

Emerging Markets Not for Beginners

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New research shows what it takes for small Canadian businesses to be successful in fast-growing markets

Should Canadians Still Operate in Colombia?

Scroll down to view the full video commentary

As the world returns to growth, how will the "new frontier" market fare?

Emerging Markets Bubble Is Bursting

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What that means for you. Plus: HSBC has $2 billion for export-minded Canadian SMEs and Ontario questions the proposed Canada-South Korea trade deal in this week’s Export Wire for Canadian small business

Major Federal Shift Intended to Boost Exports

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Plus: Jump-starting trade abroad after a decade of stagnant growth; the UK pushes its creative sector to go global—in this week’s Export Wire for Canadian small business