Employee Benefits

Why Extra Days Off Won’t Curb Absenteeism


Though it's a common tactic to incentivize employees to show up, bonus vacation doesn't seem to work. What you can do instead

What Would Make Most Workers Reject a Job

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A new survey suggests that 61% of Canadian employees wouldn't accept a position that didn't offer this benefit

How Will CPP Expansion Affect the Economy?

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The federal government says expanding the national retirement plan will hurt the economy and jobs in the short term, but boost growth post-2025

The Hidden Costs of Unlimited Vacation Policies


How unstructured, unlimited holiday policies can backfire, leaving companies with burned out employees and big bills instead of a well-rested workforce

This Cape Breton Store is Offering Land for Employee Loyalty

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What would you give staff to make them stay? One Nova Scotia business is trying to attract talent with the promise of property

What’s Stopping Employers From Addressing Mental Health?

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According to a recent report, 57% of Canadian workplaces have no mental health strategy in place

Why You Should Stop Employees From Working on Vacation

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Too many staff spend their time off checking in. How employers can discourage such "workcations"

Why Some Employers Are Increasing Pay to Meet the Living Wage

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Looking to spark a national movement, some companies and organizations are giving their staff raises

What Employers Should Be Doing to Prepare for the CPP Expansion

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Companies with existing retirement plans should start reviewing them, says one expert

What 77% of Canadians Would Switch Jobs For


More than three-quarters of Canadians (and 70% of small business workers) workers would swap employers if offered this benefit