Employee Benefits

The Business Case for Supporting Employees’ Addiction Treatment

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Helping your staff get the help they need has a financial cost, but produces tangible returns

When Culture Matters More than Compensation

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Being small can be an advantage in the battle to secure top talent. Out-hire larger firms by emphasizing what your company stands for

How to Set Sales Commissions

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The answers to six common questions about building a successful sales compensation plan

Government of Ontario Announces ORPP Enrollment Details

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The provincial pension plan will roll out in four waves

How to Develop a Productive Profit-Sharing Plan

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Should you share the wealth? What you need to consider before implementing employee profit-sharing

Why You Shouldn’t Put a Number on Employee Rewards


A new study finds that people invest more in a task when the size of the prize is uncertain

How to Cut Costs and Boost Employee Engagement at the Same Time

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One firm's strategy to reduce spending and increase motivation simultaneously

What a Five-Generation Workforce Expects in a Benefits Plan

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The new office includes traditionalists, baby boomers and Generations X, Y and Z

The 5 Elements of an Effective Incentive Plan

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Competitive compensation strategies for the growing company

Why Sick Notes Won’t Help You Reduce Absenteeism

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Illness isn't the main reason employee miss work anymore