Employee Benefits

What 77% of Canadians Would Switch Jobs For


More than three-quarters of Canadians (and 70% of small business workers) workers would swap employers if offered this benefit

Do Your Staff Want Benefits for Their Pets?

dog at work resize

One U.S. firm is offering healthcare coverage for cats and dogs, to appeal to the huge number of workers with pets

Why Offer Health Benefits to Employees?


Employers tend to see these incentives as a way of boosting productivity, while workers consider them to be compensation or a useful resource

Why It’s Time for an Employee Work-Life Balance Strategy

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As young people enter the workforce, employers will need to offer more scheduling flexibility and separation between the office and home

Ask a Millennial: Do Perks Really Trump Salary?

Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick. Photo: Roberto Caruso

Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick weighs in on what young employees are really looking for in a compensation package

When Firms Can No Longer Afford Their Perks

Cutting costs

Company-wide Fridays off and other once-common benefits are proving difficult to sustain for some oilpatch players

What You Need to Know About the Expanded Canada Pension Plan

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As Canada's finance ministers agree a deal, an economist's look at how we got here, where we are now, and what's next

Why Vancouver’s Housing Price Crisis Should Worry Employers

Ex-Vancouverite Kala Vilches, a clothing designer, at the office of her new employer, Calgary's FGL Sports. Photo: Mike Ridewood/CP

The city is in the midst of a jobs boom, but young workers still can't afford housing. So they're leaving

What Keeps a Worker With the Same Employer for Decades

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Age and income are the major factors in long-term retention per a new survey of U.S. baby boomers

The Business Case for Giving Caregiver Employees More Flexibility


British firms have seen the benefits of supporting staff who look after loved ones. Why you should too