Employee Benefits

Where Caregiver Employees Need Your Support


The stress of looking after loved ones can wear on workplace performance. Four way to help staff cope

How to Reward Employees When You Can’t Afford a Bonus

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Money is always appreciated, but it isn't always possible. Five other ways to show your gratitude

The Growing Challenge of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

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Employment law around doctor-prescribed cannabis is evolving, and businesses must adapt accordingly

How Much Should You Raise Salaries for 2016?

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A Hay Group survey says employers are expecting to boost base pay 2.4% next year, but the rate of increase is slowing

The Business Case for Supporting Employees’ Addiction Treatment

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Helping your staff get the help they need has a financial cost, but produces tangible returns

When Culture Matters More than Compensation

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Being small can be an advantage in the battle to secure top talent. Out-hire larger firms by emphasizing what your company stands for

How to Set Sales Commissions

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The answers to six common questions about building a successful sales compensation plan

Government of Ontario Announces ORPP Enrollment Details

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The provincial pension plan will roll out in four waves

How to Develop a Productive Profit-Sharing Plan

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Should you share the wealth? What you need to consider before implementing employee profit-sharing

Why You Shouldn’t Put a Number on Employee Rewards


A new study finds that people invest more in a task when the size of the prize is uncertain