Employee Benefits

Why Sick Notes Won’t Help You Reduce Absenteeism

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Illness isn't the main reason employee miss work anymore

Why It’s Time to Review Your Workplace Benefits Plan


Study suggests spending fails to effectively target today's top health concerns

How the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Could Affect Your Business

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The consequences the new provincial scheme could have on your business

Is Your Wellness Program Going to Waste?

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These three factors determine whether or not your employees use the services you put in place

Secrets of a Billion-Dollar Pivot

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How Canadian tech entrepreneur Stewart Butterfield turned a failed passion project into a productivity-boosting workplace tool.

What’s Emotional Intelligence Worth to You?

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Knowing how to read other people's feelings is a good way to get ahead.

What to Pay a New Sales Hire

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Money matters, whether you're recruiting a young graduate or a star performer

A Year of Exporting Advice from PROFIT


From understanding Incoterms to fighting arbitrary measures by foreign governmenets, a look back at some of our best stories on SMEs and exporting from 2014

Why You Should Help Your Employees Manage Their Money

Theresa Norris-Lue of Cowan Insurance Group and Sue Reibel of Manulife Financial at the W100 Idea Exchange. Photo: Arthur Mola

Financial stress can decrease worker productivity and affect the quality of their work. A little help goes a long way.

Is the Office Christmas Party Worth It?


Millennial staffers will yawn at a stuffy three-course dinner. If you want a party to remember, you have to get creative. (Axe-throwing, anyone?)