Employee Benefits

How to Persuade Your Staff to Work Abroad


Almost half of Canadians don’t want to work overseas. Here are some tips on convincing your employees to go international

Why Overtime is Obsolete

Manager working in office at night and drinking coffee at his workplace

Canada's labour laws are maddeningly inconsistent when it comes to who is compensated for extra hours worked. It's time for a major change

The Hidden Cost of M&As


The company you've just bought might have a very different benefits plan than what you offer. Unless you plan carefully, it could cost you

How to Help an Employee With PTSD

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When someone undergoes trauma, the symptoms aren't always immediately obvious. Smart employers will recognize the signs

5 Things You Must Know About Foreign Staff Benefits


Your responsibilities as an employer change when your people are working abroad. That's why it pays to educate yourself

What Rewards Do Employees Actually Value?


Stop doling out company-branded golf shirts and start giving your people the perks they really want

Inside An Experiment with Flexible Benefits

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Quebec-based Macadamian has introduced a paperless benefits program that can be tailored to the needs of each employee. But the rollout hasn't always been smooth

The 4 Employment-Law Pitfalls You Must Avoid

PROFIT Business Cast

Entrepreneurs aren't always great at following employment rules. It's an oversight that can cost a lot of money and grief

One Proven Way to Slash Employee Absenteeism


The "care management model" can drastically reduce the amount of time ill or injured workers spend off the job

Are You Doing Enough for Employee Mental Health?


Mental illness account for 30% of disability claims—and 70% of disability costs. Here's what employers need to know