Employee Benefits

Are You Paying Employees What They Deserve?


Programs that link compensation to performance aren't particularly effective at sorting the stars from the slackers, a new study suggests

Why This Entrepreneur Pays Off Employees’ Student Debt


Saeed El-Darahali of Dartmouth, N.S. wants to create jobs that sustain the well-being of his workers

Why You Shouldn’t Force Employees to Take Time Off


Mandated vacations don't do workers any good. Instead, make your policies more flexible

Ontario Presses Ahead With the ORPP

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Chamber of Commerce warns the scheduled 2017 start date for the province's new pension plan is very aggressive

What Your Company’s Health Plan Could Cost This Year

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A new report suggests Canadian employer-sponsored medical program expenses will increase 8%

Why You Should Help Employees With Their Bucket Lists

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To attract millennials, PR agency Pomp & Circumstance will provide financial support for personal goals

Why Competitive Employee Compensation Pays for Itself

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Small firms can't afford to outbid large corporations, but there's a limit to how low you can go

How to Stop Holiday Bonuses from Backfiring

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Rather than encouraging employees to keep up the good work, an end-of-year reward can create entitlement and resentment. Six experts offer their alternatives

What Employees Want More Than a Raise

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With salary negotiation season in sight, a new survey suggests workers prefer these perks to increased base pay

Why You Should Offer Mental Health Days

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Employees still hesitate to tell their bosses when they're nearing burn out and need some time off to recover. That must change