Employee Engagement

Why You Should Stop Employees From Working on Vacation

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Too many staff spend their time off checking in. How employers can discourage such "workcations"

How to Get More Done With “Unified Communications”


This growing Ontario company improved customer service and staff morale by picking a tool people actually like to use

6 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive During the Summer Slump

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Warm weather and work can go together, if you’re willing to be flexible

Do Your Staff Want Benefits for Their Pets?

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One U.S. firm is offering healthcare coverage for cats and dogs, to appeal to the huge number of workers with pets

Why You Should Pay Employees to Volunteer

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It would be cheaper to cut some charity a cheque, but this W100 winner let's her staff do good on company time. Here's what her company gets in return

Why Offer Health Benefits to Employees?


Employers tend to see these incentives as a way of boosting productivity, while workers consider them to be compensation or a useful resource

Why You Shouldn’t Sugar-Coat Your Feedback


Blunt talk might feel uncomfortable in the conflict-averse business world of 2016, but sometimes saying exactly what you’re thinking is the kindest approach for everyone

The Case for Putting Your Employees in the Marketing Spotlight

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Staff are the frontline of your firm. Why you should put them at the heart of your advertising too

Why It’s Time for an Employee Work-Life Balance Strategy

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As young people enter the workforce, employers will need to offer more scheduling flexibility and separation between the office and home

Why You Should Still Do Exit Interviews (and Try Stay Interviews Too)


Don't wait until they've got one foot out the door to get feedback from your employees