Employee Recruitment

Where Today’s University Graduates Fall Short

A tutor helps a student at Lighthouse Labs, which offers bootcamps on coding, in Toronto in March 2016. Photo: Chris Young/CP

Canada's technology 'gold rush' has created massive demand for web developers and coders. But they're not learning those skills in school

Why Job Descriptions Still Matter (and How to Use Them Right)


Forget formulaic lists of skills and duties. Three tips for crafting and enforcing the most useful document in management

Why Donald Trump May Be Good for Your Recruiting Efforts


Waterloo's Sortable is using the polarizing candidate to entice skilled Canadians in the U.S. back home

How to Hire Top Talent in a Competitive Market

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In Vancouver's booming tech ecosystem PlentyofFish’s smart recruitment strategy stands out. Three tactics any business can copy

What It Takes to Recruit Millennial Workers

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As employers look to fill jobs with young people, tried-and-true hiring strategies aren't helping. What they're trying instead

The 5 Stages of Building an Employment Brand

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Your company's reputation as a great place to work depends on your ability to keep the promises—implicit and explicit—you make to your employees

The Biggest Advantage in the Competition for High-Tech Talent

Stressful people waiting for job interview

Speed is more important than ever in hiring skilled workers. How specialized job portals are helping

Why This Entrepreneur Pays Off Employees’ Student Debt


Saeed El-Darahali of Dartmouth, N.S. wants to create jobs that sustain the well-being of his workers

The Wrong Way to Choose a Senior Executive

Photo: Peter Cade/Getty

New research finds that headhunters discount past performance in choosing CEOs because it’s often the result of chance

Where Startups Have the Hiring Upper Hand

(From left) Grow CEO Kevin Sandhu, chief credit officer Darryl Knopp and client care manager Jessica Kong talk while sitting for a photograph at the consumer lending company's offices in Vancouver. Photo: Darryl Dyck/CP

With their culture and agility, fintech upstarts are increasingly beating the banks to top talent. Why they're winning the recruitment battle