Employee Retention

What Non-Retirees Mean for the Workforce


The decision of 72-year-old railway executive Hunter Harrison to pursue a challenging new gig instead of retirement is emblematic of the changing shape of the workforce

What to Do When You’re Dumped (by an Employee)


You might feel upset when a longtime staffer gives his or her notice. But you shouldn't act that way

What Employees Want


An entrepreneur's guide to finding—and keeping—the great people your business needs to succeed

7 Signs Your Staff Are Eyeing the Exit


It's rare for someone to up and quit without any warning. Watch for these indicators that your star worker is about to jump ship

Ask a Millennial: Why Won’t You Stay Put?

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Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick on why young workers jump from job to job, and what you can do to retain them

How to Set New Employees Up for Success From Day One

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Unless you integrate them correctly, new hires can quickly flounder. Five tips for creating an effective onboarding program

When Do Gen Y Workers Start Eyeing the Exit?

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A new study suggests millennial employees think this relatively short duration is the ideal length of time to stay at an organization

65% of Your Staff Are Thinking About Leaving

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A third of Canadian workers feel "no great loyalty" to their firms suggests a new study, while almost the same number are casually or actively considering new opportunities. What will make them stay

This Cape Breton Store is Offering Land for Employee Loyalty

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What would you give staff to make them stay? One Nova Scotia business is trying to attract talent with the promise of property

Why It Pays to Poach Staff From Your Rivals


Some companies won't steal employees from the competition, because they don't trust them to be loyal. But a study suggests switchers try harder