Growth Markets

Where in the World to Sell Online

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The popularity of e-commerce platforms allows Canadian SMBs to access growing international markets. Here's how to connect with foreign buyers without leaving your desk

How Businesses Can Actually Use Virtual Reality

Closeup shot of young woman using virtual reality glasses in creative office

Yes, virtual reality and holograms are buzzy, but they are changing the ways companies work and creating a whole new support industry

Canada’s Most Lucrative Places for Business: #1 — Vaughan, Ont.


The diverse, rapidly-growing city provides plenty of opportunities for companies seeking a new market

Why You Should Be Selling to the Mexican Middle Class

Tourists and pedestrian enjoying the tourist district 5th Avenue of Playa del Carmen, a popular tourist destination along the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Exporters can find huge opportunities in this growing group, which is now larger than Canada's population. Bonus: The maple leaf brand plays well in this market

Why Methane Is the Hottest Thing in the Energy Industry Right Now

Berg Chilling Systems’ GTUIT methane mediation system. Photo courtesy Berg

The gas is exponentially more potent than carbon dioxide. It's also easier to contain. That means big business for firms that mitigate it

4 Questions You Should Ask Before Going Global

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Done right, international expansion can produce great returns. An entrepreneur's guide to making the decision

3 Key Entrepreneurial Lessons About Doing Business in China


There's tremendous opportunity in the Chinese market, but the business environment is different. An entrepreneur's guide to getting it right

Why You Should Cater to the Cruise Ship Crowd

The massive cruise ship Anthem of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean International, berthed in Halifax in September 2016. Photo: Andrew Vaughan/CP

Canadian port cities are anticipating an influx of boat-borne tourists this summer, and the economic boost could benefit local businesses

Will Consumers Get Over the Ick Factor of Eating Insects?

One Hop Kitchen's Eli Cadesky shows off his company's insect protein based pasta sauces and protein material. Photo: Frank Gunn/CP

A number of entrepreneurs are hoping to turn bug protein into a pantry staple. How they're convincing people to give it a try, one bit at a time

The Huge Opportunity of Canada’s Budding Marijuana Market

An employee trims medicinal marijuana plants at Canopy Growth-owned Tweed, in Smith Falls, Ontario. Photo: Lars Hagberg/CP

Last month's federal report recommends taking steps to foster variety and consumer choice in the nascent industry. But big consolidators are circling