Instant MBA

Want Agility? Integrate Your I.T.

man touching screen

A company's ability to integrate its technology can enhance its level of productivity

Jet Lag = Business Drag

Business Trip Struggles

Study shows the longer your travel times, the less profitable you may be

How Apathy Breeds Absentees

Apathetic colleagues

Your apathy may be the reason your employees aren't showing up

The Same, But Different

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Research uncovers what motivates customers to choose one product over another

Sustainable to The Core


Bottom-line impacts of environmental responsibility for business

Eyes Front—And Centre

iris scan security

Researchers determine what product placement works best using infrared eye-tracking technology

Follow The Leaders

MBA resize

Academic insights made intelligible

Building an entrepreneurial business

It takes an entrepreneur to start a company, but what makes a company entrepreneurial? For “Entrepreneurial Orientation [EO]: Disposition and Behaviour,” authors Brian Anderson of the University of Western Ontario ...

Diversity: It does the company good

Here’s more research to back up the increasingly popular notion that a diverse workforce is good for business. Kristyn Scott of Ryerson University, Joanna Heathcote of the University of Toronto ...

Instant MBA: Compensating employees

When cash isn’t king Want to reward your team for a job well done? If you plan to compensate them all equally, then don’t give them cash — or prepare ...

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