A New Golden Age for Hollywood North

Black and white film slate in woman hand on blue background.The slate is placed on the left side of horizontal frame.The clapper is open

The Canadian movie and TV sector is booming, thanks to the low loonie, skilled crews and an explosion of new shows. Here’s who’s set to benefit

PROFIT 500 2016: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Marketing & Media Companies

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Meet the 46 industry firms that made our annual list of rapidly-expanding businesses

What You Can Learn About Personal Branding From Scott McGillivray

“Income Property” host Scott McGillivray (HGTV)

#McGillibabe explains how he built a growing real-estate television empire, one plaid shirt at a time

The Power of Old-Fashioned Storytelling

ScribbleLive CEO Vincent Misfud. Photo: Andrew Testa

ScribbleLive drives news in a digital age, but it’s appeal is based on an established form of communication. How the Toronto firm turned that realization into a spot on the 2015 PROFIT 500

The 2015 PROFIT 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Marketing Companies

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Not all promotional firms live up to the hype. Meet some of the industry's most successful businesses

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Company

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Building relationships with reporters is what makes your business newsworthy

How to Build a Viable Big-Event Business

PROFIT Business Cast

Burl's Creek Event Grounds hosts two of the country's biggest music festivals as well as smaller events

How Perceptiv Labs Plans to Help the Drone Industry Take Flight

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Waterloo-founded firm bring autonomy to drone filmmaking

How to Run a Business Across Borders

Photo: Raina + Wilson

Kobo's president and Chief Creative Officer Michael Tamblyn spends a third of his time travelling. What his office looks like

5 Tips to Convince Reporters to Cover Your Company


Getting PR can be a tricky task. How to make the press notice your firm