Mergers & Acquisitions

Lessons in Taking Over Family Businesses from Cara’s Bill Gregson


The turnaround-specialist CEO of the company behind Swiss Chalet, Harvey's and other Canadian staples explains what he's learned working as a hired gun for founding families

Meet the Company That Built a Growth Engine From Railway Ties

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How pressure-treated wood firm Stella Jones became one of Canada's best stocks

The Most Important Factor in Any M&A Deal

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Forget the money. When one business is buying another, it's the people that matter says one successful CEO

How to Master Acquisitions


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips:'s Roger Hardy shares his top criteria when purchasing another business

When Your Business Opportunity is a Moving Target

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In a quickly evolving space, the ability to spot and act on trends it the key to growth. How one firm stays ahead of the market

What Tim Hortons Has Learned from Burger King

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Foreign ownership has made the beloved Canadian coffee brand better. Why selling out to an overseas acquirer isn't always a bad idea

How to Make Your Company Sellable From an Entrepreneur Who Sold Four


John Warrillow is so good at exiting that he's built a business helping others do the same

Why So Many Companies Are Looking to Partner Up Right Now


With economic growth slowing, the M&A and JV markets are heating up. But more informal collaboration is also on the rise

6 Steps to Take Before Opening a Franchise

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What you need to do before buying into an established brand

How to Turn an Unwanted Offer Into a Huge Opportunity

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Nurse Next Door's example shows that you can still do business even if you don't want to sell