Office Culture

How to Help Your Misfit Employees Shine


Feeling out of place at the office can hurt productivity. A new study suggests a way for managers to solve the problem

Ask a Millennial: Does Your Boss Really Have to Be Your BFF?

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Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick on why young employees over-share at the office

Why Office Space Is the Next Frontier of the Sharing Economy

Spacehop user Lavinia Osbourne in one of the homes available for hire as office space on the website, in London, England. Photo: Tim Ireland/AP/CP

A growing crop of marketplaces allow owners to rent out their spaces short-term, providing a new workplace option for mobile workers

What Employers Need to Know About the Women’s Strike

First Nations women lead a women's march and protest against U.S. President Donald Trump, in Vancouver, B.C., on Saturday January 21, 2017. Protests were held across Canada in support of the Women's March on Washington. Photo: Darryl Dyck/CP

On March 8, women around the world are abstaining from work and shopping in protest. Here's how companies should handle it

The Problem With Creating “Healthy” Competition Among Your Staff


Rivalries that drive your workers to do better could just as easily ruin your culture. Three rules for contests that don't backfire

Why Your Workplace Needs to Adopt the Walk-and-Talk


The best way to hold meetings may actually be on your feet, according to a new study

Ask a Millennial: Why Must You Swear So Much?

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick on why your young employees won't keep civil tongues in their heads in professional settings

What You Can Learn About Collaboration From Eric McCormack

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The Emmy-winning former Will & Grace star on the value of ego and working with other creatives

Does Your Office Smell Productive?

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Aromatherapy isn't just for spas and cosmetics stores any more: The odours in your office can affect the way your people work

The Best Look for Casual Friday


A personal stylist picks out some outfits you can wear to the office without dressing down too much