Online Marketing

The Huge Payoff of Thinking Ahead

Leigh Himel of Gravity Partners. Photo: Nikki Ormerod

When a major client pulled back its budgets, 2016 W100 winner Leigh Himel took a big riskā€”and accelerated her company's growth

Why Canadian Tire is Trying to Reinvent the Print Catalogue

Canadian Tire CEO Michael Medline speaks during the company's annual general meeting in Toronto in May 2016. Photo: Nathan Denette/CP

The retailer just produced its first paper booklet in a decade. How it's updating this marketing staple

How to Pick the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Photo: Matt Jeacock/iStock

You can't win them all. Five steps to help you choose the network that will work best for you

Why It Pays to Market on Search AND Social

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Combining these two channels can lead to increased spending and stronger brand advocacy

How to Use PR to Sell Your Company’s Story

Photo: iStock

To grab the attention of the public and prospective customers, you need to be doing these key things

Why CASL May Actually Have Helped Brands


Despite dire predictions, email marketing has actually increased and improved since the CRTC introduced anti-spam regulations

The App-Free Way to Talk to Your Customers


As consumers grow tired of downloading apps, savvy companies are turning to the lowly text message to keep in touch and deliver new services

The Simplest Form of Mobile E-Commerce


Next Big Thing 2016: Some retailers are going back to the future with their latest innovation in selling on the phone

Why You Should Avoid the Hard Sell

Photo: Lululemon

Lululemon's success shows that helping your customers can be just as effective as advertising

How to Start a Must-Read Company Blog

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Great content can bring crowds of customers to your website, and build your brand. An eight-step guide to blogging success