Online Security

The New Technology Putting Middlemen Out of Business

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Blockchain could make transactions cheaper and compliance easier without the need for third parties

The Simple Step That Protects Your Company’s Data


Encrypting your website is neither expensive nor difficult, and it can be your best protection against malicious hackers

Stringent Digital Privacy Laws are Bad For Business: Report

Security concept: Lock on digital screen

New research reveals that cracking down on online privacy stifles competition and doesn’t always help consumers

Infographic: Where Are Today’s Cybercriminals?


As cyberattacks from the U.S., India and China decline, a new group of countries is stepping up

Join the Race for New Internet Domains

Will .pizza or .shoes become the next search signpost?

Will .pizza or .shoes become the next search signpost?

Cyber Risks Higher Than Ever

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A new survey shows that, while Canadian businesses are more diligent about online security than last year, the number of incidents has gone up

Cyber Risk Now No. 3 Concern of CEOs

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Online threats have become one of executives’ top few worries—and one they’re less sure their companies are well prepared for

Small Companies No. 1 Cybercrime Target


Cybercriminals are taking aim at small businesses. Heres how to protect your company

How Thieves Can Swipe Your Domain Name

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Cybercriminals are after your website and email. Here are 3 ways to protect yourself

3 Low-Cost Keys to Getting Big Companies to Trust You


The way you care for client data may just be the advantage you need to get a leg up on the competition. But how do you demonstrate integrity and service quality on a budget?