Opportunities 2016

Trends, investments and ideas set to break big this year

How to Win in 2016


What's in store for the year to come? These 14 trends, ideas and startups could be the next big things

Where Home May Soon Be for Many Millennials


Next Big Thing 2016: Co-living is the new solitude. Why members of Generation Y are opting out of mortgages and choosing grown-up dorms

How to Find Out Who Your Customers Really Are

Trulioo's Stephen Ufford. Photo: Hubert Kang

Next Big Thing 2016: Trulioo uses consumers' online footprints to help financial institutions gauge risk

The Problem With Decentralized Commerce

Hubba's Ben Zifkin. Photo: Nikki Ormerod

Next Big Thing 2016: It's hard to keep product information accurate and up to date when you're selling across so many channels. Hubba has a solution

How to Stay Ahead of the Market

Payfirma CEO Michael Gokturk (at left) and CCO Sunan Springs (at right). Photo: Hubert Kang

Next Big Thing 2016: "There's always a new channel to monetize," says Payfirma's Michael Gokturk

Meet the Startup Disrupting the Debt Industry

Borrowell CEO Andrew Graham (at right), COO Eva Wong (at left), and CTO Salim Naran. Photo: Nikki Ormerod

Next Big Thing 2016: “There’s a real hunger among consumers for different and better lending options,” says Borrowell's Andrew Graham

Why You Should Keep Your Customers Waiting


Next Big Thing 2016: Creating artificial scarcity can be good for your brand and your sales. The case for being exclusive

Why You Need to Make Your Products Friendlier

Photo: iStock

Next Big Thing 2016: Empathy is design's big buzzword of the moment. Your user experience will have to adapt accordingly

The Next Frontier for Technology Startups

Illustration: iStock

Next Big Thing 2016: For too long, software has dominated Silicon Valley. But industrial- and infrastructure-focused ventures are on the rise

The Rise of Same-Day Everything

Photo: iStock

Next Big Thing 2016: In the e-commerce age, the ability to get goods to consumers' doors is a must-have. Why delivery is such an important differentiator

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