Performance Management

Why Firms Pick the Wrong People and How to Hire More Qualified Ones


Too often, companies reward empty bluster and punish quiet competence. Sound familiar?

How to Replace the Awkward Year-End Performance Review

Photo: Noel Hendrickson/Getty

This employer swapped the annual sitdown for quarterly development conversations

Why You Should Let Staff Do What They Want

Illustration: Desadaphorn/iStock

Autonomy is a key factor in improving job satisfaction AND performance, according to recent research

Should You Praise Top Workers or Group Efforts?

Photo: iStock

The prevailing workplace winds favour recognizing individual employees over teams. A recent study shows whether that's a good idea

Why You Need an Office Seating Chart

Photo: iStock

Strategically seating your employees could boost team productivity, according to new research

How to Get the Most From Candidate Interviews


Throw out your boilerplate list of questions. Four tips for more insightful and effective interactions with prospective employees

Why It Pays to Poach Staff From Your Rivals


Some companies won't steal employees from the competition, because they don't trust them to be loyal. But a study suggests switchers try harder

How to Stop Your Employees From Quitting in Their Seats


Many workers are physically showing up but mentally checking out. Five tips to keep yours motivated

Why You Need to Tackle Tough Decisions—Now

Laura Williams of Williams HR Law Professional Corp. Photo: Nikki Ormerod

W100 winner Laura Williams has learned that running a company means making some tough calls and avoiding the "entrepreneur's curse." And her business is all the better for it

What the Maple Leafs (and You) Can Learn from the Patriots

Teammates hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the New England Patriots' win at Super Bowl XLIX—the franchise's fourth win in 15 years. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Team-building tips for your company and the NHL’s worst team, from one of the NFL's best

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