Three Questions to Ask Before Exporting


Toronto's Utilicor found that having a great product isn't enough to crack often complicated marketplaces. It takes special insights

The Hidden Challenges of U.S. Franchising

John DeHart of Nurse Next Door: take the time to find the right partners; photograph by Dina Goldstein

Nurse Next Door was born in the relatively straightforward Canadian market. Selling into the U.S. proved far more complex

The Secret to Making a Virtual Business Work

Sandra Oliver[2]

Sandra Oliver discovered that many busy executives don't have time to meet with coaching professionals, so her coaches mentor them remotely

Building a Brand, One Package at a Time


To create brand awareness, Pür Gum needed to sell its chewing gum in carefully chosen venues

How to Take a Niche Business Global


Schleese Saddlery has found that hands-on selling is the key to dominating a small, but lucrative, international market

The Smart Way to Adapt to a Sudden Export Surge


When Mabel's Labels got favourable publicity from a U.S. website, the orders rolled in. And that created a whole new challenge

A Surprising Way to Crack the U.S. Market


How one Canadian company found a lucrative telecom client in out-of-the-way Jackson, Mississippi

Turning Waste into an International Business


Rob Kuepfer saw the opportunity in redirecting a valuable resource that had been going to landfills, and today he has factories in Canada and the U.S.

Make Your Product Sell Itself

Beer texture

An Ontario microbrewery has found a novel way to stand out from the crowd, and it's cracking foreign markets as a result

How One Firm Mastered the Mexican Market

Made in Mexico and barcode, business concept

By skirting corruption and outsourcing smartly, Innovative Finishing Solutions has made a success of its Mexico-based business