Lessons from the Dragons: An Appropriate Level of Risk


Two terrific young businessman and Canada's heavyweight boxing champion in Dragons' Den Season 10 Episode 8

Canada’s Top New Growth Companies for 2013


This year’s PROFIT HOT 50 have grown so fast you’d think we were in an economic boom. Meet a group of young entrepreneurial stars behind the most promising businesses in Canada

Get to Know the PROFIT HOT 50 Companies

HOT50 by the numbers

72% of HOT 50 CEOs finished university. 11% of HOT 50 ventures have female CEOs. A look at this year's Canada's Top New Growth Companies by the numbers

Taking Risks Pays off for Canada’s Top New Growth Company

Chango's two-year revenue growth was 9,630%; photo: Hamin Lee

Chris Sukornyk built Canada’s hottest startup by gambling on an unproven technology. But the HOT 50 star cautions that "going with your gut" doesn't mean you shouldn't also do your research

The Art of the Pivot

Jamie Clarke of Live Out There Inc.; photo: Jason Franson

As these young companies learned, a successful entrepreneur needs to know when to ditch their original business plan to pursue more profitable paths

What it Takes to Go Viral

VMG Cinematic's CEO, Mark Campbell; photograph by Vanessa Heins

VMG Cinematic made it onto last year's HOT 50 by helping companies create YouTube blockbusters. Here are its top tips for online video success

3 Principles of a Successful Retention Strategy

Modiface's president and CEO, Parham Aarabi; photograph by Vanessa Heins

HOT 50 company Modiface would be nowhere without its brainiest engineers. Here's how they keep them happy

Recruiting By Stealth (HOT 50 profile)

Bnotions’ president, Alkarim Nasser; photograph by Derek Shapton; location courtesy of CeC, Mississauga, Ont.

How a fortunate accident led Alkarim Nasser to an innovative way to recruit hard-to-find skilled employees—and build one of Canada's Top New Growth Companies

From Cop to Tech Entrepreneur

Magnet Forensics' founder, Jad Saliba; photograph by Derek Shapton; location courtesy of University of Waterloo Library

How the founder of one HOT 50 firm used feedback from fellow digital forensics experts to develop the software police need to make arrests

HOT 50: How Big They Are


How big are Canada's Top New Growth Companies?