The Unvarnished Truth About Work-Life Balance


The women on the 2016 W100 ranking of Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs share some awesome advice about "having it all"

How to Take Your Business to the Big Time

Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski of Rock-It Promotions. Photo: Nikki Ormerod

W100 winner Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski of Rock-It Promotions explains how she turned her scrappy startup into a serious player

The Simple Way to Sell Complex Stuff


W100 winner Genevieve Dutil of Lx Sim shares how she equips her team to explain—and sell—her company's high-tech wares

The Secret of Steeped Tea’s Phenomenal Growth

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Vision and grit helped founder Tonia Jahshan build an Earl Grey empire and earn the title of Canada's Top Female Entrepreneur for 2016

What It Really Means to Quit Your Job to Start a Company

Diana de Melo of The Delivery Group. Photo: Nikki Ormerod

Why W100 winner Diana De Melo chose entrepreneurship, and how she balances it with a busy home life

The Smart Way to Run a Business With Your Spouse

Lulu Cohen-Farnell of Real Food for Real Kids. Photo: Nikki Ormerod

W100 winner Lulu Cohen-Farnell knew it was a risk when her husband joined her company. Here's how she protects both her marital and business partnerships

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Anna Eliopoulos of Photo:

W100 winner Anna Eliopoulos understands that assistants—not bosses—often make or influence key purchasing decisions. How her hospitality business caters to them

Last Day to Enter: The 2016 W100


March 31 marks the final day to submit a ballot for the 18th ranking of Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs

5 Killer Lessons from Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs

Shannon Rogers, Canada's Top Female Entrepreneur in 2011, 2014 and 2015 (Photo: Carlo Ricci)

To mark International Women's Day, we've gathered the best advice from past W100 winners